Friday, April 3, 2009

Use SEO to win search engine rank

Search Engine Optimization service covers everything from consultation, research on keyword, SEO copywriting, redesigning the website, creating links, submitting to search engines as well as the reports on the results.

You can not make your website on the internet with the right keywords and all the touch and then wait for your traffic and the ranking remains constant. Since the Internet is an environment that really easy to change, you must always monitor your own website performance such as watching what happens with the competition and also the best and highest ranked website. This article will talked about 26 online safer techniques, tips and recommendations to avoid losing prospective visitors as follow.

1. You need to set a target. So you can quickly and a plan for increasing and improving the Page Ranking. Start your own Marketing Campaign.

2. Keep your website up to date regularly to make your content always fresh and relevance to today’s news. Use your time to create and collect interesting and valuable information on your site, and then you can start promoting your site! Provide a website many interesting information of similar site’s visitors can not live without. The great way to invite more reader by giving them a valuable resource! You can even have a date counter to the page where it has been updated

3. Consider carefully the key phrase that your visitor will search on then you can use with similar key phrase to create your pages. You can do research to pick what key phrase that being search by most of the people.

4. Provide added value to your website. For affiliates marketer and partners, you can link to their sites and products and ask them to do the same for you. You can also use their books or videos, if these products relevance to your industry and are not a direct competitor with your own product and services.

5. Write articles that relevance to your website and publish free of charge. Make sure to create a bio box with a link to your website. Give instruction that Article May be reproduced free of charge as long as the bio box is remained. When your article reprints, you will immediately multiply link to your website instantly.

6. Choose carefully your reciprocal links. Connect only to websites that have relevance information that the readers will interested. Reciprocal link currently will not help so much on your PageRank, however, it will help you to get visitors from other website.

7. E-mail other webmasters that have relevance website and ask for a link and you need to provide a pre-coded HTML code to let them cut and paste on their website. However, this kind of strategy is hard since other webmasters do not always want to create a link.

8. Create a link on your site for the visitors to "opt in" for a monthly newsletter or valuable coupons. Use a "description" meta-tag and write the description wisely.

9. Give a simple link on your first page with a script 'add bookmark or Add this page to your favorites’ for cross browser such as internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox, to make your visitors easier to bookmark your website.

10. A link "Send this page to a friend", so that your visitors can send e-mail your web page to other people. This strategy also called as viral marketing or permission email marketing.

11. Use only few of keywords separated in each pages on your website instead of create one page with a lot of keywords. This will make sure you will have good targeted keywords.

12. Put your keywords inside your body tag in HTML. Include them in text and link. If you put in graphics or images map, search engines will have difficulties to follow the link to other page of your website. Create an HTML sitemap and make a link from the first page. It can help crawler to index your pages entirely.

13. Avoid using irrelevance words and content on the pages. Also do not multiple page, sub-domain and folder with a lot of duplicate content. Your index will not be crawled by major search engine.

14. Use ALT text for image and photo on your site.

15. Avoid the use of "door-way" pages created just for search engines landing page or using other "cookie cutter" such as affiliate programs with only just original content.

16. The robots.txt file on your web server must be current and should not block the major search engine such as Googlebot. This file will determines which directories robot may or may not be investigated. That’s why you need to block some of pages you don’t want to be indexed by search engine.

17. If you want to improve your Page Ranking do not try to contain links to websites which are not relevance to your website and to avoid sites that have a "Links Page" which is hard to find or do not indexed by search engine.

18. Build link popularity is another way to improve your placement on a search engine index. The Links consist of hyperlink from your website that is displayed on another website. The more links from other websites that can be found all over Internet to your website, usually will higher your website ranking at search engines.

19. Consistent use of colors, logos and slogans and always have a link to "contact us" form on each page. It is better to hide your email to avoid being harvest by spammers.

20. Provide a FAQ page to answer most of the doubts and explain about your product or your company that are mostly to be asked. This will help solve most customers to doubt and problem on their first visit to your website. This also will reduce email that your customer service achieved.

21. Make an "Our policies” which clearly defines of your website philosophy and principles in dealing with your customers. Also provide privacy policy to tell your visitors how you will handle your customer’s information and therefore the clients know that they are safe when they visit your website.

22. Ensure that each page of your site has good title and keywords. If you want your website to be indexed by search engine, try post long article in one page and don’t put a lot of advertising in your pages. Make every of your article unique and interesting.

23. Try to make your visitors feel comfortable during their visit in your website. Do not let your visitor waiting for so long to get answer from customer service. Avoid hatred and discrimination in your community.

24. Don’t send spam email to a client or a member, which is already joined for the newsletter with solicited e-mails. Provide unsubscribe option in every email you send. Also let your visitors choose how many email they want to accept per week.

25. A Sitemap is necessary for the user to find particular link in your website and if your sitemap have more than 50000 links, then it is advisable to split it to several pages to avoid clutter.

26. Try to avoid double content in your website. Double content means is not only your article but also the whole thing including your website design and advertising. CMS sometimes will make you have a lot of double content.

Since search engine marketing is an ongoing process, you should keep an eye of your positions in search engine result page. The quickest and strongest way to your site for that many web directories as you can. Directory submission is the best way to ensure the targeted traffic to your website. If you want your search engine optimization company to do this, asks for a sample of a monthly report. It is important that this report is the ranking for the most popular search engines.

However search engine is not the only internet marketing available. You also may try pay per click advertising. Search engine marketing sometimes takes time to send good traffic to your website. So while you wait your search engine optimization work properly, you can use pay per click advertising.