Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Do Keyword Research - Importance of Keyword Research

How to do keyword research
If you are into article marketing, blogging, SEO, PPC advertising or other forms of internet marketing with the sole purpose of driving unlimited traffic to your website you can't succeed without doing a thorough keyword research. One of the important of keyword research is that with a proper keyword your site would be crawled by search engines and in return you receive tons of traffic from them

Step 1
The first step to take before you do your keyword research is to come up with a niche. You need a niche to perform a keyword research. Once you have selected the niche of your choice, you can then proceed to the next step.

Step 2
After you have come up with a niche you should get a keyword research tool. Getting a paid keyword tool will give you value for your money. With a keyword research tool, you will be able to find what people are searching for in that niche of yours.

Step 3
You can either buy a keyword research tool or you can use a free one. But be aware that you will be able to get better results with a paid tool. If your option is to use a free keyword research tool, then you can go for Google AdWords suggestion tool but if you want to get value for your search, you can as well get keyword elite.

The benefits of getting a paid tool are:
- you will be able to analyze your competitors campaign
- you will be able to find hot keywords with less competition
- you will find long tail keywords etc

Step 4
After you have bought a keyword research tool, type the word of your niche and search. After some minutes you would find the keyword pertaining to the niche of your choice. Copy the keyword and paste it into notepad. In order to analyze competition, you can search them at google in quotes. Keywords that return less than 100,000 results are easier to rank for at the first page of google. Also consider including long tail keywords to the niche of your choice.


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