Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tips to Drive Visitors to Your Site

Repeat visitors are those who visit your website more than once. Repeat visitors are important to your site as it means your site keeps its importance or value for your customers. But, the million dollar question is: How to make visitors come back frequently for more? Well, an SEO agency knows the best strategies to drive your visitors repeatedly to your site. Here’s how.

There are various simple strategies that can drive your loyal customers repeatedly. Here are some proven tricks to convert one-time visitors into repeat visitors and customers. These tricks have been very useful for websites in an SEO USA scenario.

Provide Original Content Hard to Find in Any Site

Most users go online first to get relevant and specific information in areas that interest them. Whatever content your users need, provide original content that is hard to find in any site. This makes the users bookmark your site in their browser so they can return frequently.

Hold a Survey or interactive Poll in your Website (**very important**):

Holding polls or interactive surveys is the best way to know about your customers likes and dislikes. People always love to give their opinion. Conduct a poll about a topic relevant to your product website about a topic that also fits your website visitor’s interest. Compile the results and update them on your website daily. Your visitors will certainly visit your site regularly to see the results.

Hold a Lucky Draw Prize Competition:

Holding a lucky draw prize competition weekly or monthly will certainly drive your customers repeatedly to your site. You can giveaway prizes that are relevant to your product site. Your target audience will love to take part in the lucky draw competition. They will love to have a free product that’s on sale. Make sure you conduct such competitions regularly.

While these tips can prove to be helpful to your site, you can consult a professional search engine marketing consultant or even an SEO agency for more such tips.


Charles said...

Well just to add to the post. The first thing you actually need to do is to start with the quality of your site . Make sure it's something very useful that people will find it relevant. This makes it more probable to be returned often.

And when you think your sites already have a value, and you think you need to deliver the message to a lot of people who will find it a big help, make sure you target or find them the right and most effective way. One effective way would begenerating leads through video marketing. this way, targeted traffic will be acquired while you deliver the message right into the targeted audience all in one move.