Friday, April 24, 2009

Can you really get your website listed in Google in 24 Hours?

Can you really get your website listed in Google in 24 Hours?

Well the answer is yes and no.

YES-if you submit your website as a link to a heavily indexed web site that the Google robots crawl every 5 minutes or so, and they don’t come any bigger and mightier that the popular social networking sites. These companies and organisations that claim to get your web site listed on the first page of Google are not telling you the whole truth. The actual truth is that, whatever you type in as your heading: for example-Can you really get your website listed in Google in 24 Hours?, wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes and type in the exact heading underlined above into the Google search box and to your surprise: as if by magic hey presto it appears on the first page of Google search results.

Some claim this is the work of Google SEO magic if there is such a thing as magic here. If you were to look closely at this example of SEO brilliance you will realise that: 1. You only get top 10 results on exactly what you typed in as your social network link headline and exactly what you typed into the Google search box. If you type in any variations or keywords like: Google in 24 hours, website listed in Google,24 hours in Google or any other variation then I am afraid you will not get a top 10 first page result for this description.

Lets face it –how many people are going to type in this exact description into a Google search box for it to get on the first page of Google and drive massive amounts of traffic to your web site without expensive pay per click advertising?.This type of myth and hype is actually being touted as the greatest coup against Google; it also claims to beat Google, whatever that means.

The claim that it can drive massive amounts of traffic to your web site and earn you a $1,000,000,000 is a complete nonsense; the only people making any money here are the affiliates and those that own the web site. You cannot get massive amounts of traffic from a link on a social network web site. If you check back into your profile account you will see maybe 10 clicks or views in a month is you are lucky. That is hardly enough to make you a millionaire is it?

YES-If you are experienced in SEO or use an experienced SEO company like these. With clever SEO techniques they were able to get all the pages of web sites indexed by Google in 4 hours, sometimes you have to wait for weeks to get your web pages indexed by Google, so to have all pages of your web site indexed within 4 hours-That is the real Google SEO magic, but only if you give your web site a complete work out at the seogym.

With this system of indexing your web pages you do not have to type the exact title of your web page to find it, but a collection of key words used by the web site. This type of indexing gives you a permanent presence in search results

NO-If you do not have any relevant links to your web site and if you do not submit your URL or web site address for Google to know about your site and index the pages so that when you type in your web address Google can return results for that web site –otherwise you will only get a message saying: check your spelling.