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Thursday, December 12, 2013

5 Key Factors for Your Site to Get Ranked in Google Top-10 After Panda 3.6 & Pengiun Updates

Let me share with you the results of the research run by SEO specialists after the last Pengiun Update. We have analysed thousands of our clients websites' and their SEO strategies of achieveing #1 on Google and noticed that some of our clients have great results, whereas others don't. So we aimed at revealing the most important reasons WHY some clients cannot succeed to get ranked in Google Top 10, at that time when others successfully do that. For your convenience we expose these results below as the list of "must-do's"

1. Get rid of all the duplicated content:

 It is not just an advice. It's a sharp necessity! After Panda 3.6 update having been launched by Google recently there's no way for the sites with duplicated content to be in Google top 10. So pay attention to the quality of your site content because the importance of this factor grows up from day to day. There are numerous content duplicate checker tools, which may help you find and get rid from all the duplicated content.

 2. Become popular in social networks. 

Today it is hard to imagine any successful Internet project, any site without well developed fan page on Facebook or without thousands of clicks on Google+ button which spread the site popularity all over the Web. Since now, when Google+ 1's and Facebook likes are integrated in search engine results, you just need to care about your being popular in social networks. (This is exactly why we've added social boost bonuses to our Independence Day Special.)

3. Pick up the links on the pages with various PR.

 There were many words said about the naturality of the link building campaigns. And much more will be said. In this view, the diversity of PR of your links comes to the foreground. You should understand that only high PR or only low PR links in your backlink profile seem suspicious to Google. That's why the backlinks have to come from the webpages with different PR. Moreover, most of your links should come PR0 and PR N/A pages to look natural for Google. And this is exactly why we've added Directory Submission, Article Submission, Blog Commenting and Forum Posting services as BONUSES to our Independence Day Special, - because they'll give your website a lot of PR0 links and make your campaign look much more natural to Google! Especially after Pengiun Update. And before July 5 you can get all these bonuses totally free.

4. Your keywords have to be various as well.

Well, if we talk about natural links acquisition, we have to realize that the hundreds of links built for only one keyword are far from being considered as natural by Google. Thus, we DO suggest your building links for your site for different keywords. This moment can be crucial for your site getting to the wanted page #1. For example, if your main keyword is 'real estate', feel free to get backlinks for such keywords as: real estate, real estate new york, affordable real estate, usa real estate, click here to see real estate, etc. Your keywords can contain your main keyword, but they should also contain some other additional words - this will make your campaign look natural to Google.

5. 40% of your links MUST NOT contain your keyword in the anchor text (this became VERY important after Pengiun Update)!

We've noticed that those of our clients, who have high rankings on Google right now after the last Google update, they all have numerous backlinks (approximately ~40%) without their keywords in the anchor texts. Google considers that natural link placement process implies your placing the links with just the URL being your anchor text or with the word combination like "click here". Thereupon, we suggest you to build 20% of links for just the URL address as an anchor text and 20% with the anchor texts like 'click here', 'view here', 'go here', 'for more details click here', 'read the details here', etc, - with those words, which people usually use to put a backlink to a website. I know this sounds quite strange, especially after many years when all the links should have had your keywords in the anchor text, but this is not just a theory. This is a fact - to succeed, to get #1 on Google, you must have around 40% of your links WITHOUT your keyword being an anchor text.

 I hope you will pay attention to all these tips, especially if you still can't cross the line of Top 10on Google.