Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to make $10000 each day with SEO services

You think this is impossible? Then let us do some small math here:

Let us say that when you type a certain keyword phrase in a search engine your website is in the top 10 results out of a possible millions of others. If the keyword phrase you used is popular then it means that there are many people looking for your services. We'll take a rough figure say 1o million people are looking of you're your services everyday. If 10% of them visit your site because it is in the top 10 results it means you have 1 million visitors. If 1% of them by your product at an average of a dollar you have your clean $10000. Mind you, this is only one day! So it is possible to make $10000 daily.

The big problem is how to get to the top and stay there. Getting to the top is not easy. This is where SEO (search engine optimization) services come in.

In a short summary, SEO services involve making your site to be among the top search results whenever certain keywords are used and that are related to the services you website provides. As you have seen from the above example, if your site is properly optimized, you will get necessary traffic and you will begin raking in profits at a high rate. You can look at SEO as an online marketing strategy to get traffic to your site.

SEO services involves website content generation, also known as SEO writing, creating valuable links to your website, having relevant titles for your web pages, using the right keywords to get your services and having relevant tags in the html code of your website. All these factors can help you be indexed easily by search engines and in not time, you will be making crazy profits.


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