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A data entry clerk, similar to a typist, is a member of staff employed to enter or update data into a computer system database, often from paper documents using a keyboard, optical scanner, or data recorder.

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Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software;

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A website content writer or web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level of content. Content should contain words (key words) that attract and retain users on a website.

Friday, April 24, 2009

How to get on the first page of Google Guaranteed

How to get on the first page of Google Guaranteed

This requires some clever SEO short for search engine optimization, sometimes spelt as optimisation. This process is not easy and can also be frustrating. The main point here is that you may be competing with say 5,000,000,000 (that’s five million results) so tactical insertion of your web site description and keywords is paramount.

Before you can even think of getting your web site on the first page you will need to have it indexed with the likes of Google, Yahoo and Msn, because if your web pages are not indexed by the search engines then forget trying to get on the first page of any search engine. Think of it like a book store: you go in to ask for a book and the title does not even show up on their screens or is not on their records-which means they have not even heard of the book: how do you expect that book to make it into the top ten best sellers list?.

This example is no different from getting your web site on the first page of Google which is the top ten best sellers list if you like. Submit all your web pages to all the search engines for crawling or indexing, and then wait to see what happens. Sometimes it takes ages for your web site to even be listed and then the search engines will index only relevant pages, so if you had a web site with lets say 100 pages and Google only indexed 3 then your chances of getting into the first page with 3 indexed pages is slim, unless you have the right mix of web page descriptions and keywords to match the page description, only then will there be a slight possibility that you might sneak in to the first page.

You really stand a better chance of getting on the first page if all your web pages are indexed so it will be like “spread betting” your chances of getting onto the first page with some of your descriptions and keywords. Remember-you cannot get onto the front page of Google with every single web page and every description and keyword-I don’t care how clever, experienced or brilliant at seo techniques. Let us remember it is robots that return the search results. Search engine optimization or web page refinement can only send suggestions to the robots to return the search in your favour .When a company says they can get your web site on the first page of Google that is 100% true, this depends on so many factors. There is an seo company who are brilliant at getting this kind of result and have developed a good software tutorial called top 10 search engine results .

If you are serious about getting your web site on the first page of Google then you need to see the examples of their work and check out this tutorial: they are called the They managed to get all the web pages of a web site indexed in Google within 4 hours(something that can take weeks), and they have got top ten results on Google, Yahoo and Msn for a lot of keywords, using the original web site address. So the simple answer is that you can do it yourself with a lot of headache, or simply get yourself a copy of the top 10 search engine results software tutorial and get on the first page of Google guaranteed.

Can you really get your website listed in Google in 24 Hours?

Can you really get your website listed in Google in 24 Hours?

Well the answer is yes and no.

YES-if you submit your website as a link to a heavily indexed web site that the Google robots crawl every 5 minutes or so, and they don’t come any bigger and mightier that the popular social networking sites. These companies and organisations that claim to get your web site listed on the first page of Google are not telling you the whole truth. The actual truth is that, whatever you type in as your heading: for example-Can you really get your website listed in Google in 24 Hours?, wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes and type in the exact heading underlined above into the Google search box and to your surprise: as if by magic hey presto it appears on the first page of Google search results.

Some claim this is the work of Google SEO magic if there is such a thing as magic here. If you were to look closely at this example of SEO brilliance you will realise that: 1. You only get top 10 results on exactly what you typed in as your social network link headline and exactly what you typed into the Google search box. If you type in any variations or keywords like: Google in 24 hours, website listed in Google,24 hours in Google or any other variation then I am afraid you will not get a top 10 first page result for this description.

Lets face it –how many people are going to type in this exact description into a Google search box for it to get on the first page of Google and drive massive amounts of traffic to your web site without expensive pay per click advertising?.This type of myth and hype is actually being touted as the greatest coup against Google; it also claims to beat Google, whatever that means.

The claim that it can drive massive amounts of traffic to your web site and earn you a $1,000,000,000 is a complete nonsense; the only people making any money here are the affiliates and those that own the web site. You cannot get massive amounts of traffic from a link on a social network web site. If you check back into your profile account you will see maybe 10 clicks or views in a month is you are lucky. That is hardly enough to make you a millionaire is it?

YES-If you are experienced in SEO or use an experienced SEO company like these. With clever SEO techniques they were able to get all the pages of web sites indexed by Google in 4 hours, sometimes you have to wait for weeks to get your web pages indexed by Google, so to have all pages of your web site indexed within 4 hours-That is the real Google SEO magic, but only if you give your web site a complete work out at the seogym.

With this system of indexing your web pages you do not have to type the exact title of your web page to find it, but a collection of key words used by the web site. This type of indexing gives you a permanent presence in search results

NO-If you do not have any relevant links to your web site and if you do not submit your URL or web site address for Google to know about your site and index the pages so that when you type in your web address Google can return results for that web site –otherwise you will only get a message saying: check your spelling.

Google sitemaps-Problems-what does all pages are set to the same priority mean?

Goole sitemaps-Problems-what does all pages are set to the same priority mean?

This is a major headache for most web masters and forums. I have not yet found a straight answer to this problem. The answer though lies in what the robots are programmed to recognise.

The purpose of submitting site maps to Google is that is speeds up the process of getting your web sites indexed and included in the Google crawl and search results. The reality though is far from that. When you submit a site map of your web site to Google it has to be in the xml format then you have to upload your web site again, you go back to Google and tell them that you want to submit a site map, they will then ask you to copy and paste a code into your index or home page then upload the web site or web page for verification to prove that you are the owner of the web site.

When you submit your site map is will ask you to give a priority rating to your web pages usually from 1.0 down to 0.1. 1.0 being the highest priority and 0.1 being the lowest priority. You then submit this site map ranking the pages you think they should list or index in the order of priority to your web site, so for instance if you thought that the home page was the most important you rate it as 1.0, thecontact page next at 0.9, the about us page at 0.8, the services page at 0.7, the products page at 0.6 and then submit your site map to Google.

This should in theory be fine, but we are dealing with robots here that are programmed by man and if man gives robot a command the robot cannot recognise any other command apart from the one it has been programmed with. What is the purpose of all this I hear you ask: Very simple, the Google robots are programmed to recognise a default setting, so by going through all that process of prioritizing your web pages to look attractive to the robots you will still get a warning message saying all you pages have the same priority, even though they are clearly labelled 1.0,0.9,0.8,0.7,0.6.

This is the point where you scratch your head and wonder how this is possible. The simple answer is to set all your web pages to the default number recognised by the Google robots which is 0.5.So set all your pages to 0.5 and you will see that the robots do not detect any more problems. If you need help putting together a site map for your web site or uploading a good sitemap content with important anchors.

Boost your Sales with SEO

Increasing Online Sales with SEO is a fundamental marketing strategy, but what is SEO ? SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization and is about optimizing a website to achieve higher positions in the search engine ranking pages. The traffic that comes from search engines is steady and doesn't vanish in a day, if you have a website then you should use SEO on it. Are you a novice ? There are two ways in front of you, the first is hiring a SEO consultant while the other is to study SEO by yourself.

If you are into a business and you don't have time to learn SEO then you are more probable to choose for a SEO consultant, you have anyway to understand the basics of SEO to avoid to be fooled by dishonest people. Probably you have been offered a SEO service for a certain price so the first thing to see if there is some written guarantee about what you have been offered. Remember that a SEO service is about placing your website in the first page search results from Google and not appearing in the sponsored link that appear in the same page. I have talked of Google because is the most used search engine at today so ranking high in it is what you need.

Another important thing is the keyword or keyphrase you are offered to be optimized for as it is nearly useless to be ranked for the name of your enterprise. Usually is offered to be ranked for a certain phrase related to what you do so ask how much traffic will you get for it, you can do this by yourself also using Google Adwords: just create an account in Google, activate Adword and with the keyword tool you can get all the data you need and with the same tool you can also start a paid ad campaign that will allow to place your ads in websites that are related to your business. Comparing the estimated traffic with the price for SEO will give you the ratio between quality and price on which you can choose if it is worthy or not, also don't limit yourself to one proposal but evaluate more offers.

If you want to do SEO by yourself then you will have to study it, just search Google by SEO guide and you will have plenty of material to study. SEO is a way to bring you good targeted traffic that will increase your online sales but it's just a part of a bigger process. As people usually don't buy at the first visit then you must get their contact details and to do this you should offer a subscription to your newsletter or autoresponder incentiving it by giving bonuses like a freely downloadable ebook that you have written or found in the web. Another important factor to have a successful online sales performance is to have a good conversion ratio: the conversion ratio is a number, written as percentage, that says you how many of your visitors have bought your products or services. You can increase your conversion rate by many ways that are not explained in this article as this was not its goal.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What are the Points of Consideration While Outsourcing SEO Services

All most all online marketers are aware of SEO these days. They wager on the best SEO company to utilize the SEO techniques on their websites so as to enhance their visibility on the search engine result pages. The soaring number of search engine users has driven the online marketers to nuts to make their way to top rankings in search engines. That is the reason why the webmasters are outsourcing their SEO services to the best SEO company.

However, it is crucial that you should outsource your SEO campaign to the best SEO service provider to get the success that your time and money worth. Some of the important factors are discussed bellow.

Select the Best SEO Company by Asking Queries

Selecting the best SEO company can be a daunting task for any online marketer. The SEO firms should not be selected just by considering its ranking on the search engine result pages. the important aspects of consideration is the time the company has been in the business, the area of specialization in any specific industry, its performance records for other SEO projects, feedback of other clients on their services, etc. Consider more that one SEO service providers and put forth your questions to select the best SEO company among them. if possible, you can contact with other clients of the company to know more about it.

Put Together Your Business Goals

Before selecting an SEO firm make a list of your business goals and your expectations form the SEO service provider. Check for the services of the firms and find out if the services are able to meet your requirements. Inform the service provider about what you exactly want to achieve. If the SEO company assures you of results, you should move further for the discussion about the expenditure, payment mode and payment schedules. However, you shouldn’t ignore the budget that you have decided for your online marketing.

Discuss About the Strategies of Search Engine Optimization

When you are outsourcing your SEO campaign to an SEO service provider, it is essential that you should discuss about the strategies that they are following. The company should clearly inform about the details of the plans about how they are going to optimize your website. Ensure that the company is using whitehat techniques because it is critical for the success of your website in long run. Apart from that, it is useful to check if the company is adopting latest techniques of SEO. As the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, the obsolete methods may not work for your website.

Ensure About the Research Work of the Company

Every online business and every website has unique requirements regarding traffic generation, link building and website optimization. The best SEO company that you select for your marketing purpose should have expertise in research for different aspects of SEO such as keyword research, traffic analysis, market analysis, competitor analysis, etc. Without proper research it is difficult to chalk out the exact strategy for the SEO campaign and meet your requirements.

Hence, select the best SEO company that will take care of your specific needs and customize a plan that will solve your purpose of online marketing.

What are the Strategies of the Best SEO Company

The webmasters are always in search of the best SEO company that can help them achieve top ranking in search engines. There are numerous SEO service providers across the world and all of them guarantee top rankings with their services. But what makes the best SEO company stand out among others? What are the working strategies of the most efficient service providers that make their services worth investing?

Research for the SEO Campaign

Research is the most crucial and prime step of search engine optimization. The best SEO company knows that it is wise to do thorough research before planning or implementing the SEO campaign. Any SEO service provider understands the importance of keyword research because keywords are the base of SEO campaign. Selecting the right keywords can make a great difference to your online marketing. Apart from keyword research, an SEO campaign requires research on the business, the market and the audience. Unless and until the SEO company understands the services and the target audience of the clients, it is difficult to develop a strategic SEO program.

Planning the SEO Campaign

Once the research part is over, it becomes easier for the best SEO company to plan out an SEO campaign that is useful for a successful online promotion. One aspect of the planning is to find the ways to reach out to the target customers. The SEO service providers discover new techniques that are applicable for a particular business or website so that it can receive more visitors as well as target customers. The planning also includes site structure, content management, and link building.

Execution of the SEO Strategies

After planning every aspect of the SEO campaign, execution of the techniques become crucial as it needs expertise and experience for the purpose. For instance, the best SEO company looks for relevancy and reputation of the sites, anchor text of the links and PageRank of the linking page for inbound links to their clients’ websites. Quality links being the bottom line of the link building process, it is essential that the link builders should take care of the search engine norms while building links.

Testing of the Applied SEO Strategies

It is the responsibility of the SEO service providers to check if the executed plans are working. Some of the inexperienced SEO companies go on doing link building campaigns without bothering about the desired results. The time and money spent for such efforts are useless if the purpose of the campaign is not solved. Hence, the best SEO company checks for few months if the strategies are working. If they don’t find any significant improvement in a definite period, they plan another strategy for website promotion.

Consistent SEO Process

SEO is an ongoing process and the best SEO company knows that a website can achieve top rankings and retain that position for longer only with the ongoing link building process. However, the search engine algorithms are also changing frequently and it requires updated techniques of website promotion to satisfy the requirements of search engines.

How the Top SEO Companies Help You Increase the Searchability of Your Website

Why should online marketers choose among the top SEO companies for the online promotion of their business? The answer can be to boost the websites’ ranking on the search engine result pages and increase the searchability of their websites.

What can the top SEO companies do to enhance your visibility? The top SEO companies show their expertise in the field of search engine optimization when they help a website make its way to top search engine rankings. Let’s discuss about the strategies of the top SEO companies.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are always crucial to enhance the ranking of a website on the search engine result pages. Selection of right keyword is also important to increase the searchability of the website on the web. The top SEO companies keep the functionality of keywords in mind while doing keyword research. They analyze the market and the target audience of an online business and accordingly select the keywords that have high search volumes. As keywords boost the searchability of a website, it also helps in generating traffic.

Competitor Analysis

The competitive arena of online marketing needs a comprehensive analysis of the competitors to beat them and achieve long-term success. Analyzing the competitors is the best way to know about the strategies that they are following to get visibility. The top SEO companies try to find the secrets of competitor websites so that they can implement improved SEO techniques for their clients. Watching the strength and weaknesses of the competitors are essential in order to go ahead of them in the online business.

Website Optimization

Optimizing the website according to the keywords enhances the visibility if the website. The top SEO companies try to develop each aspect of the website on the basis of keywords. The page title, heading, description of the webpage, body of the text, anchor text, etc. should be developed with the most targeted keyword of the page. Apart from that, designing part of a website is equally important. Search engine pick the pages that are most useful for the visitors and give preferences to the websites with user-friendly designs.

Strategic Implementation of SEO

Apart from planning and developing SEO strategies, strategic implementation of SEO techniques play a vital role in enhancing the visibility of a website on the SERPs. Quality links are essential to increase the search engine ranking of a website. Hence, top SEO companies prefer manual submission because manual submissions consider all the criteria of link building. Links are another way of generating traffic and increasing rankings of a website in search engines.

Checking the Website Performance

It is important for the webmasters and the SEO service providers to know the performance of a website after implementation of the SEO strategies. Hence, top SEO companies prepare pre-SEO report before starting an SEO campaign. It gives an idea about website’s performance before beginning and optimization techniques. After the commencement of the SEO, the service providers prepare reports of the website performance on a regular interval of time. This is the best way to plan the SEO campaign and increase the searchability of a website.

7 Ubiquitous Organic SEO Myths You Must Avoid

The Internet Marketing is a world, full of webmasters who vie amongst themselves to topple each other in terms of their website rankings on several popular search engines including Google. They deploy a dozen of so called organic SEO tricks to their online marketing campaign to achieve better ROI and improve their bottom-line. However, quite a few organic SEO companies are embroiled in some organic SEO myths. Let’s take a quick look at what keeps some organic SEO companies in the shadows.

Organic SEO Myth #1 - SEO Copy Should Be 250 Words

One of the most prevalent SEO myths among the organic SEO companies is the number of words on the web page. It is believed that short copies rank better than longer copies. There are no such established rules that substantiate this supposition. However, a word count of 250 words with an ideal keyword density of 2% is, usually, universally acceptable.

Organic SEO Myth #2 – Google Sitemap is Inevitable

An organic SEO company need not worry about the Google sitemap on their website as Google sitemap no longer influences the rankings of a website. However, having a Google sitemap is not a negative factor. If your website is well-designed with a crawler-friendly navigation, you should be able to rank pretty well on that.

Organic SEO Myth #3 – URL Submission to Search Engines is Vital

Gone are the days when this practice was very helpful in bringing good results in terms of higher search engine ranking. URL submission to search engines is no longer effective now. However, submission to search engines is not bad at all for any organic SEO company.

Organic SEO Myth #4 – Header Tags Can Boost Organic Rankings

Header Tags such as H1, H1 and H2 should be used only when they are required to complement the webpage from design stand point. There is very little evidence that corroborate the popular belief that Header Tags influence the search engine rankings of an organic SEO company.

Organic SEO Myth #4 – PPC Ads Influence Website Rankings

Many webmasters wrongly take PPC Ads as a supporting camping to their organic SEO campaigns. However, it is not at all true that running Google AdWords affect any organic SEO campaign, either positively or negatively. It has absolutely nothing to do with the website rankings of any website.

Organic SEO Myth #5 – Meta Keywords Must Be Used on the Webpage

One of the most hyped organic SEO myths is using the meta keywords on the webpages. Meta keywords are usually used because it is not practically possible to use all keywords on the webpages. Hence, by using the meta keywords that do not find their place on the webpage, we increase the chance of the webpages to rank higher. Hence, it is unnecessary to use all the meta keywords on the webpages.

Organic SEO Myth #5 – Website Should Be Optimized for Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are not very popular, whether with the organic SEO companies or searchers. Since they are not competitive, no body searches for them, ranking for them is simple. However, it doesn’t make sense to rank higher for keywords that are not very popular or competitive in the organic SEO industry.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tips to Drive Visitors to Your Site

Repeat visitors are those who visit your website more than once. Repeat visitors are important to your site as it means your site keeps its importance or value for your customers. But, the million dollar question is: How to make visitors come back frequently for more? Well, an SEO agency knows the best strategies to drive your visitors repeatedly to your site. Here’s how.

There are various simple strategies that can drive your loyal customers repeatedly. Here are some proven tricks to convert one-time visitors into repeat visitors and customers. These tricks have been very useful for websites in an SEO USA scenario.

Provide Original Content Hard to Find in Any Site

Most users go online first to get relevant and specific information in areas that interest them. Whatever content your users need, provide original content that is hard to find in any site. This makes the users bookmark your site in their browser so they can return frequently.

Hold a Survey or interactive Poll in your Website (**very important**):

Holding polls or interactive surveys is the best way to know about your customers likes and dislikes. People always love to give their opinion. Conduct a poll about a topic relevant to your product website about a topic that also fits your website visitor’s interest. Compile the results and update them on your website daily. Your visitors will certainly visit your site regularly to see the results.

Hold a Lucky Draw Prize Competition:

Holding a lucky draw prize competition weekly or monthly will certainly drive your customers repeatedly to your site. You can giveaway prizes that are relevant to your product site. Your target audience will love to take part in the lucky draw competition. They will love to have a free product that’s on sale. Make sure you conduct such competitions regularly.

While these tips can prove to be helpful to your site, you can consult a professional search engine marketing consultant or even an SEO agency for more such tips.

Keyword Optimization: Art of Choosing Right Keywords

Selection of right keywords for your site is a key or an art which can either make or break your website. On the internet, potential customers hunt the web for the sites they wanted or liked, and what if your website doesn’t have those popular keywords they are seeking for?

Keywords are the main factors in SEO that give visibility to your website and help to reach audiences across the web. In simple words, a keyword or keyword phrase is the word or group of words that internet users use to search some specific information in search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

To choose the right keywords for your website, you need to put yourself in the customers place and think of the possible keywords you will use to search your site in search engines. You should remember when writing your site that you need to use words that are not only related to your content, but are popular search words as well. This is called Keyword Optimization, or choosing the most searched keywords related to your site content.

Give some time listing all of the keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your website content. Get ideas from everyone you can think of and list them all. Analyze your rival sites and check the Meta tags they have used. Research on those tags and you are ready to build your own keyword phrases.

There are many free keyword tools designed to assist you in keyword optimization. Some of them are listed below.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool: This tool is basically designed for the publishers to generate the right keywords for their product or service. It provides you some 100 other keywords related to your search. Also, Google gives you a rough estimate of how many searches for that particular word occurred last month, an average occurrence and the amount of advertiser competition for a listed search word. The tool is very simple to use, but extremely effective and can help you choose the right keywords that your customers will be searching and ultimately draw more traffic to your website.

Wordtracker: The Wordtracker helps identify keywords that will help your ranking on search engines. Wordtracker also gives you other keyword combinations that you may have overlooked.

The Keyword Tumbler: This free tool takes your existing keyword phrases and mixes it up to form new phrases and variations that you can include in your meta tags.

A great website is not so great if no one finds it. Remember to research your keywords carefully from the consumer’s viewpoint and then sit back and watch the traffic roll in!

Best Three SEO Methods to Rank High in the Search Engines

In this article I am going to talk about the three most important elements in SEO that you should use when trying to rank for a specific keyword. I will use a simple example of trying to rank for the keyword phrase "How to SEO a WordPress Install" on our website called

1.) Optimize your Title Tag

The title tag is the title you see in the search engines, so it is very important to have your keywords in this tag. The search engines also give a lot of weight to having the main keywords in this tag. In our example we will use a title tag that looks like this:

How to SEO a WordPress Install |

2.) Optimize your URL

It is also important to get the keywords in your URL. Google and other search engines also give a lot of weight to having your keywords in your URL. For this example we should try to get our URL to look like one of the examples below:

3.) Backlinks with Proper Anchor Text

Finally, you want to get as many backlinks back to this page using anchor text that has your keywords in it. For example, you might want to reply to a WordPress SEO question on a forum with an answer and then a link to your website with "How to SEO a WordPress Install" as your anchor text.

Hopefully this short article gives you some ideas. This isn't everything involved in SEO, but should give you a good start to getting some rankings and traffic to your website.

Web Business without SEO

Search engine optimization is the primary buzzword in online business today. With numerous businesses offering SEO services, there is no reason why you should not be able to implement it and reap the benefits in the process. Dubai SEO experts, offer an extensive portfolio of online business websites that have successfully become noticed on the web due to the implementation of search engine optimization into the design of their websites.

Do you think your business would thrive without SEO? How would you get your company to be noticed on search engine pages without the intricacies and administration that goes into search engine optimization?

If you intended to take the SEO-free route with your online business, your marketing strategy would have to be so intricate and so involved that it would probably cost you a small fortune to introduce. Trying to promote you outside of the web is a costly affair and is far more involved than using the natural and proven facilities that the web has to offer.

What you want to do is attract visitors to your site, and once they are there you want to be able to satisfy their reasons for searching for you in the first place. SEO services do exactly this and for a fraction of the cost of a massive marketing and advertising campaign. An SEO team will pre-determine what your business needs are, and exactly what your selling points are and will construct your website around these key factors. What would a person type into Google or Yahoo to find what it is that you offer? These key phrases, a lot of architectural design and development and a host of other imperative factors are combined into the construction of a site that is search engine optimal.

By marketing your business to the online community, you are already working within the domain that you want to sell to. You want your website to be easy to find and simple to navigate through, but most importantly – easy to find. If people type a certain phrase into Google, they will most probably scan through the Top 10 to find what it is they are looking for. If you aren't listed in that Top 10, your chances of being noticed are that much slimmer. The only way to get yourself ranked amongst the finest is to implement search engine optimization and improve your rankings. The more people that visit your site, the better from a business perspective as well as from rankings point of view. have their own Dubai SEO team that offer exceptional SEO services to enhance your website and in doing so the search engine rankings of your online business. There cannot be any valid reason in today's world of business why you would want to try and promote your website and online business without SEO. It takes some time for the results to show, even up to a few months. But once they do your search engine optimization investment will have paid for itself.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to make $10000 each day with SEO services

You think this is impossible? Then let us do some small math here:

Let us say that when you type a certain keyword phrase in a search engine your website is in the top 10 results out of a possible millions of others. If the keyword phrase you used is popular then it means that there are many people looking for your services. We'll take a rough figure say 1o million people are looking of you're your services everyday. If 10% of them visit your site because it is in the top 10 results it means you have 1 million visitors. If 1% of them by your product at an average of a dollar you have your clean $10000. Mind you, this is only one day! So it is possible to make $10000 daily.

The big problem is how to get to the top and stay there. Getting to the top is not easy. This is where SEO (search engine optimization) services come in.

In a short summary, SEO services involve making your site to be among the top search results whenever certain keywords are used and that are related to the services you website provides. As you have seen from the above example, if your site is properly optimized, you will get necessary traffic and you will begin raking in profits at a high rate. You can look at SEO as an online marketing strategy to get traffic to your site.

SEO services involves website content generation, also known as SEO writing, creating valuable links to your website, having relevant titles for your web pages, using the right keywords to get your services and having relevant tags in the html code of your website. All these factors can help you be indexed easily by search engines and in not time, you will be making crazy profits.

Tips to monitor your search engine ranking and position

This means you must come up with a strategy to monitor your search engines positions. This strategy is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. Think of your search engine positions as your online portfolio. Would you let your stock portfolio be ruled by chance and market fluctuations, or would you keep close tabs on your stocks so you could buy and sell when the time is right? This is the way you must consider your search engines positions.Be aware that at first, after you have launched your search engine campaign and done all the right things to increase your rankings, you will most likely see a continual upward climb. What you need to be on the lookout for is the moment that upward climb reaches a plateau. When this happens,
your search engine position campaign moves into stage two, the monitoring and protecting stage. In stage two, do not be concerned about the short-term fluctuations in your positions. These are similar to the subtle rising and falling of stocks in a portfolio.

Short-term movement is an integral part of the whole process. It's the long-term changes that you must watch for and prepare to act on immediately.Analyzing the long-term trends of search engines positions is imperative. The way in which search engines rank websites may change at the drop of hat. If you are unaware of these changes - many of which are subtle yet can be deadly to your ranking - your position may drop to the bottom of the list before you can get your bearings. To prevent this kind of precipitous drop, you must create a system to monitor your positions on a monthly basis. Devise a chart to keep tabs on your top ranking positions or your
top pages, and make sure to watch "the market" closely.

Each search engine uses a formula to compute website rankings. When a search engine changes this formula in any way, it may raise or lower your ranking. Some search
engines use a number of different formulas, rotating them so that a formula doesn't become overused or outdated.Depending on which formula is being applied, your search
engine position may suddenly drop or rise in rank Significantly. Therefore, you must check your positions frequently in order to catch when a search engine changes
formulas and what effect it has on your positions.

Get your website noticed with the help of an SEO company

Getting help from a search engine optimization company is the finest way to get your website to attract more visitors and promote your business more efficiently to the market. The purpose of having a website is to introduce a business to the market, but its full potential may not be fully realized without the help of an SEO company. In businesses that are promoted through the Internet, such companies offer tremendous help in expanding the market base.

A large portion of businesses today always seeks for Internet or online presence. Every day more and more businessmen are deciding to go to the next level with their career and bring their businesses online. Without an online presence, the business may be placed on a very serious disadvantage because most people receive information through the Web. In fact, as revealed in numerous studies, the Web is now one of the most common sources of information for people, especially when it comes to getting acquainted to anything new in the market. An Internet presence is one tool by which a business can secure itself to remain competitive, giving it an edge over other businesses that offer the same product or service.

An Internet presence is also less costly than advertisements in other media such as television and radio. With a television or radio advertisement, one is essentially buying the airtime on TV and radio programs. Even with this, it is never an assurance that people will learn of the business as they may be unable to listen to it or perhaps they are too busy to care. Such possibilities demand that advertisements be repeated to ensure that the message reaches the people, though it means spending more. However, though innovative, an Internet presence will not go far without a tie-up with a competent search engine optimization company. An SEO company will make Net presence more efficient through a calculated promotion by making it come out on top every time people use search engines.

On the other hand, an Internet presence doesn’t need repetitions, which make it less costly. Once a business decided to put up a website, it is there to stay with very minimal cost of maintenance needed. Moreover, people can visit the site anytime, and the business will be advertised all the time. Even so, in today’s technology-dependent mode of transactions, it is necessary to hire the services of a search engine optimization company to introduce the business better to the market. With an SEO company around, market presence will never be a problem at all.

A search engine optimization company benefits your business by advertising it in such a way that when people randomly search the Net, your website will be displayed first, which makes it easier for people to recall. An SEO company is therefore the best option to seek for help when you intent to expand your business’s reach as well as for those who may be experiencing a slump in market performance.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Choosing an Honest SEO

The point of this article is to help you understand the true value of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Searching for a reputable company for your SEO and Internet marketing needs, you will come across various companies who promise to deliver you a top ranking for either an extremely low cost or even a flat fee. It is with absolute certainty that none of these companies can deliver these promises because the search engines are constantly evolving and SEO is an ongoing process. For the few companies who can deliver fast results they will likely use fraudulent methods, or black hat SEO tactics. While these tactics can produce results quickly in the short term, they will eventually be discovered and your website will likely be banned from Google as a result. To be able to avoid these methods you need to understand them. We will discuss in length the various SEO Scams you might encounter.

Black Hat SEO is any method used to gain a high ranking on the search engines via fraudulent or unethical means. One such method is the use of automated software-designed to quickly submit your website to thousands of directories and search engines instantly. While this method in theory can gain you fast results it is a complete fabrication. First and foremost the directories and search engines are now equipped with safeguards in place to defend against automated submissions. So, the promised submissions are nothing more than submissions. They may promise to submit your site to 1,000 directories, but the do not promise inclusion!

The SEO firms who use this method will not always explain in detail how they intend to get you listed in these directories. They promise the 1,000 submissions, but they fail to tell you how they will gain them. Be sure to diligently ask these questions up front to protect your website.

Another common black hat method is keyword stuffing. This is a spam method where keywords are literally stuffed on website pages in an unintelligent manner to trick the search engines into thinking your site is the most relevant for those keywords. A step further, these keywords are often barely visible on the site. This method is unethical and can also get you banned from the major search engines.

Another fraudulent practice is when an SEO Firm promises you rankings for keywords that nobody is searching for. Usually these are long, run-on phrases. While these rankings are easy to achieve there is no benefit from gaining this ranking.

With Black hat and other fraudulent methods of SEO, the main thing to realize is that ethical means exist. The companies who use the unethical methods are those who want to skip the work required to build true rankings.

Lastly, here are some items to watch for when you are searching for an Internet Marketing Firm to help you with your SEO needs.

1.Emails from SEO Firms that arrive in your inbox--out of the blue! These are typically email templates and they have zero information within regarding your website or what it is you offer, sell or provide. Instead, it conveys that you are not near the top of the search engines and they offer to help. Reputable companies do not send out SPAM Emails, so be weary of those that do.

2.Be weary of any SEO who fails to explain Search Engine Optimization in full detail. These are guys who usually work out of their garage and often cannot produce the results they promise.

3.Avoid any SEO Company who fails to explain the difference between an organic ranking and a sponsored ranking. Saying, "we'll get you a top ranking" and then paying for a sponsored ranking where you will be there once or twice a day is not the same as building you an organic ranking-the true heart and soul of SEO.

4.Never trust anybody who claims to be able to provide you with instant rankings for a very low or flat fee. SEO is ongoing, so a flat fee is always suspicious.

True Search Engine Optimization is extremely time consuming and full of hard work. Although short cuts exist, they are not worth it. The search engines will eventually catch you and you will pay the price while the SEO Firm moves on without you. Honest SEO Firms treat SEO like a process and never treat it like an event.

SEO Copywriting Services: Higher Rankings on Search Engines are easy Now

In an online era where content is the King, absolute measures should be taken in making a site’s content attractive, SEO-friendly and easy to be located over internet. As all the major search engines crawl a site depending on targeted keywords, it’s imperative for every online business firm to make the site search-engine optimized. And in making this possible, SEO copywriters come handy. How? SEO copywriters are those professionals who can conceptualize, write and develop content for websites incorporating all the necessary key-words that a visitor may use while searching relevant information on search engines. Not only it’s relevant from the visitors’ perspective alone, search engines also depend a lot on keywords – the more relevant your keyword incorporation is, the higher the chance of getting clicks and then conversion. Here comes the importance of SEO content writing nowadays.

Search engine copywriting has now transformed into a full-fledged industry itself. If you search online, you will come to see a large number of SEO copywriting services providers that are helping clients worldwide in their SEO campaigns. Right from travel to automotive, from insurance to finance, from medical to IT, SEO copywriting services for every field is now available easily, that too, at affordable rates. Blogs, discussion forums, promotional content and article writing – just everything is reeling under the broad domain of copywriting SEO services.

A properly optimized site reads well on search engines and brings better site ranking. And once it achieves a top ranking, visitors are sure to click the site thus generating traffic. Therefore, absolute care is now being taken while creating and developing key-word based content for any site. Professional SEO copywriting services providers know what consumers want and what users type while searching information about a product or service online. That’s why, hiring a professional SEO copywriter has become very essential in today’s web-driven context. A professional SEO content writer can really help you in making your dreams of getting higher ranks on search engines a reality in significantly less amount of time!

Use SEO to win search engine rank

Search Engine Optimization service covers everything from consultation, research on keyword, SEO copywriting, redesigning the website, creating links, submitting to search engines as well as the reports on the results.

You can not make your website on the internet with the right keywords and all the touch and then wait for your traffic and the ranking remains constant. Since the Internet is an environment that really easy to change, you must always monitor your own website performance such as watching what happens with the competition and also the best and highest ranked website. This article will talked about 26 online safer techniques, tips and recommendations to avoid losing prospective visitors as follow.

1. You need to set a target. So you can quickly and a plan for increasing and improving the Page Ranking. Start your own Marketing Campaign.

2. Keep your website up to date regularly to make your content always fresh and relevance to today’s news. Use your time to create and collect interesting and valuable information on your site, and then you can start promoting your site! Provide a website many interesting information of similar site’s visitors can not live without. The great way to invite more reader by giving them a valuable resource! You can even have a date counter to the page where it has been updated

3. Consider carefully the key phrase that your visitor will search on then you can use with similar key phrase to create your pages. You can do research to pick what key phrase that being search by most of the people.

4. Provide added value to your website. For affiliates marketer and partners, you can link to their sites and products and ask them to do the same for you. You can also use their books or videos, if these products relevance to your industry and are not a direct competitor with your own product and services.

5. Write articles that relevance to your website and publish free of charge. Make sure to create a bio box with a link to your website. Give instruction that Article May be reproduced free of charge as long as the bio box is remained. When your article reprints, you will immediately multiply link to your website instantly.

6. Choose carefully your reciprocal links. Connect only to websites that have relevance information that the readers will interested. Reciprocal link currently will not help so much on your PageRank, however, it will help you to get visitors from other website.

7. E-mail other webmasters that have relevance website and ask for a link and you need to provide a pre-coded HTML code to let them cut and paste on their website. However, this kind of strategy is hard since other webmasters do not always want to create a link.

8. Create a link on your site for the visitors to "opt in" for a monthly newsletter or valuable coupons. Use a "description" meta-tag and write the description wisely.

9. Give a simple link on your first page with a script 'add bookmark or Add this page to your favorites’ for cross browser such as internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox, to make your visitors easier to bookmark your website.

10. A link "Send this page to a friend", so that your visitors can send e-mail your web page to other people. This strategy also called as viral marketing or permission email marketing.

11. Use only few of keywords separated in each pages on your website instead of create one page with a lot of keywords. This will make sure you will have good targeted keywords.

12. Put your keywords inside your body tag in HTML. Include them in text and link. If you put in graphics or images map, search engines will have difficulties to follow the link to other page of your website. Create an HTML sitemap and make a link from the first page. It can help crawler to index your pages entirely.

13. Avoid using irrelevance words and content on the pages. Also do not multiple page, sub-domain and folder with a lot of duplicate content. Your index will not be crawled by major search engine.

14. Use ALT text for image and photo on your site.

15. Avoid the use of "door-way" pages created just for search engines landing page or using other "cookie cutter" such as affiliate programs with only just original content.

16. The robots.txt file on your web server must be current and should not block the major search engine such as Googlebot. This file will determines which directories robot may or may not be investigated. That’s why you need to block some of pages you don’t want to be indexed by search engine.

17. If you want to improve your Page Ranking do not try to contain links to websites which are not relevance to your website and to avoid sites that have a "Links Page" which is hard to find or do not indexed by search engine.

18. Build link popularity is another way to improve your placement on a search engine index. The Links consist of hyperlink from your website that is displayed on another website. The more links from other websites that can be found all over Internet to your website, usually will higher your website ranking at search engines.

19. Consistent use of colors, logos and slogans and always have a link to "contact us" form on each page. It is better to hide your email to avoid being harvest by spammers.

20. Provide a FAQ page to answer most of the doubts and explain about your product or your company that are mostly to be asked. This will help solve most customers to doubt and problem on their first visit to your website. This also will reduce email that your customer service achieved.

21. Make an "Our policies” which clearly defines of your website philosophy and principles in dealing with your customers. Also provide privacy policy to tell your visitors how you will handle your customer’s information and therefore the clients know that they are safe when they visit your website.

22. Ensure that each page of your site has good title and keywords. If you want your website to be indexed by search engine, try post long article in one page and don’t put a lot of advertising in your pages. Make every of your article unique and interesting.

23. Try to make your visitors feel comfortable during their visit in your website. Do not let your visitor waiting for so long to get answer from customer service. Avoid hatred and discrimination in your community.

24. Don’t send spam email to a client or a member, which is already joined for the newsletter with solicited e-mails. Provide unsubscribe option in every email you send. Also let your visitors choose how many email they want to accept per week.

25. A Sitemap is necessary for the user to find particular link in your website and if your sitemap have more than 50000 links, then it is advisable to split it to several pages to avoid clutter.

26. Try to avoid double content in your website. Double content means is not only your article but also the whole thing including your website design and advertising. CMS sometimes will make you have a lot of double content.

Since search engine marketing is an ongoing process, you should keep an eye of your positions in search engine result page. The quickest and strongest way to your site for that many web directories as you can. Directory submission is the best way to ensure the targeted traffic to your website. If you want your search engine optimization company to do this, asks for a sample of a monthly report. It is important that this report is the ranking for the most popular search engines.

However search engine is not the only internet marketing available. You also may try pay per click advertising. Search engine marketing sometimes takes time to send good traffic to your website. So while you wait your search engine optimization work properly, you can use pay per click advertising.

How to Do Keyword Research - Importance of Keyword Research

How to do keyword research
If you are into article marketing, blogging, SEO, PPC advertising or other forms of internet marketing with the sole purpose of driving unlimited traffic to your website you can't succeed without doing a thorough keyword research. One of the important of keyword research is that with a proper keyword your site would be crawled by search engines and in return you receive tons of traffic from them

Step 1
The first step to take before you do your keyword research is to come up with a niche. You need a niche to perform a keyword research. Once you have selected the niche of your choice, you can then proceed to the next step.

Step 2
After you have come up with a niche you should get a keyword research tool. Getting a paid keyword tool will give you value for your money. With a keyword research tool, you will be able to find what people are searching for in that niche of yours.

Step 3
You can either buy a keyword research tool or you can use a free one. But be aware that you will be able to get better results with a paid tool. If your option is to use a free keyword research tool, then you can go for Google AdWords suggestion tool but if you want to get value for your search, you can as well get keyword elite.

The benefits of getting a paid tool are:
- you will be able to analyze your competitors campaign
- you will be able to find hot keywords with less competition
- you will find long tail keywords etc

Step 4
After you have bought a keyword research tool, type the word of your niche and search. After some minutes you would find the keyword pertaining to the niche of your choice. Copy the keyword and paste it into notepad. In order to analyze competition, you can search them at google in quotes. Keywords that return less than 100,000 results are easier to rank for at the first page of google. Also consider including long tail keywords to the niche of your choice.