Friday, April 24, 2009

Google sitemaps-Problems-what does all pages are set to the same priority mean?

Goole sitemaps-Problems-what does all pages are set to the same priority mean?

This is a major headache for most web masters and forums. I have not yet found a straight answer to this problem. The answer though lies in what the robots are programmed to recognise.

The purpose of submitting site maps to Google is that is speeds up the process of getting your web sites indexed and included in the Google crawl and search results. The reality though is far from that. When you submit a site map of your web site to Google it has to be in the xml format then you have to upload your web site again, you go back to Google and tell them that you want to submit a site map, they will then ask you to copy and paste a code into your index or home page then upload the web site or web page for verification to prove that you are the owner of the web site.

When you submit your site map is will ask you to give a priority rating to your web pages usually from 1.0 down to 0.1. 1.0 being the highest priority and 0.1 being the lowest priority. You then submit this site map ranking the pages you think they should list or index in the order of priority to your web site, so for instance if you thought that the home page was the most important you rate it as 1.0, thecontact page next at 0.9, the about us page at 0.8, the services page at 0.7, the products page at 0.6 and then submit your site map to Google.

This should in theory be fine, but we are dealing with robots here that are programmed by man and if man gives robot a command the robot cannot recognise any other command apart from the one it has been programmed with. What is the purpose of all this I hear you ask: Very simple, the Google robots are programmed to recognise a default setting, so by going through all that process of prioritizing your web pages to look attractive to the robots you will still get a warning message saying all you pages have the same priority, even though they are clearly labelled 1.0,0.9,0.8,0.7,0.6.

This is the point where you scratch your head and wonder how this is possible. The simple answer is to set all your web pages to the default number recognised by the Google robots which is 0.5.So set all your pages to 0.5 and you will see that the robots do not detect any more problems. If you need help putting together a site map for your web site or uploading a good sitemap content with important anchors.


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