Friday, April 24, 2009

How to get on the first page of Google Guaranteed

How to get on the first page of Google Guaranteed

This requires some clever SEO short for search engine optimization, sometimes spelt as optimisation. This process is not easy and can also be frustrating. The main point here is that you may be competing with say 5,000,000,000 (that’s five million results) so tactical insertion of your web site description and keywords is paramount.

Before you can even think of getting your web site on the first page you will need to have it indexed with the likes of Google, Yahoo and Msn, because if your web pages are not indexed by the search engines then forget trying to get on the first page of any search engine. Think of it like a book store: you go in to ask for a book and the title does not even show up on their screens or is not on their records-which means they have not even heard of the book: how do you expect that book to make it into the top ten best sellers list?.

This example is no different from getting your web site on the first page of Google which is the top ten best sellers list if you like. Submit all your web pages to all the search engines for crawling or indexing, and then wait to see what happens. Sometimes it takes ages for your web site to even be listed and then the search engines will index only relevant pages, so if you had a web site with lets say 100 pages and Google only indexed 3 then your chances of getting into the first page with 3 indexed pages is slim, unless you have the right mix of web page descriptions and keywords to match the page description, only then will there be a slight possibility that you might sneak in to the first page.

You really stand a better chance of getting on the first page if all your web pages are indexed so it will be like “spread betting” your chances of getting onto the first page with some of your descriptions and keywords. Remember-you cannot get onto the front page of Google with every single web page and every description and keyword-I don’t care how clever, experienced or brilliant at seo techniques. Let us remember it is robots that return the search results. Search engine optimization or web page refinement can only send suggestions to the robots to return the search in your favour .When a company says they can get your web site on the first page of Google that is 100% true, this depends on so many factors. There is an seo company who are brilliant at getting this kind of result and have developed a good software tutorial called top 10 search engine results .

If you are serious about getting your web site on the first page of Google then you need to see the examples of their work and check out this tutorial: they are called the They managed to get all the web pages of a web site indexed in Google within 4 hours(something that can take weeks), and they have got top ten results on Google, Yahoo and Msn for a lot of keywords, using the original web site address. So the simple answer is that you can do it yourself with a lot of headache, or simply get yourself a copy of the top 10 search engine results software tutorial and get on the first page of Google guaranteed.