Friday, April 24, 2009

Boost your Sales with SEO

Increasing Online Sales with SEO is a fundamental marketing strategy, but what is SEO ? SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization and is about optimizing a website to achieve higher positions in the search engine ranking pages. The traffic that comes from search engines is steady and doesn't vanish in a day, if you have a website then you should use SEO on it. Are you a novice ? There are two ways in front of you, the first is hiring a SEO consultant while the other is to study SEO by yourself.

If you are into a business and you don't have time to learn SEO then you are more probable to choose for a SEO consultant, you have anyway to understand the basics of SEO to avoid to be fooled by dishonest people. Probably you have been offered a SEO service for a certain price so the first thing to see if there is some written guarantee about what you have been offered. Remember that a SEO service is about placing your website in the first page search results from Google and not appearing in the sponsored link that appear in the same page. I have talked of Google because is the most used search engine at today so ranking high in it is what you need.

Another important thing is the keyword or keyphrase you are offered to be optimized for as it is nearly useless to be ranked for the name of your enterprise. Usually is offered to be ranked for a certain phrase related to what you do so ask how much traffic will you get for it, you can do this by yourself also using Google Adwords: just create an account in Google, activate Adword and with the keyword tool you can get all the data you need and with the same tool you can also start a paid ad campaign that will allow to place your ads in websites that are related to your business. Comparing the estimated traffic with the price for SEO will give you the ratio between quality and price on which you can choose if it is worthy or not, also don't limit yourself to one proposal but evaluate more offers.

If you want to do SEO by yourself then you will have to study it, just search Google by SEO guide and you will have plenty of material to study. SEO is a way to bring you good targeted traffic that will increase your online sales but it's just a part of a bigger process. As people usually don't buy at the first visit then you must get their contact details and to do this you should offer a subscription to your newsletter or autoresponder incentiving it by giving bonuses like a freely downloadable ebook that you have written or found in the web. Another important factor to have a successful online sales performance is to have a good conversion ratio: the conversion ratio is a number, written as percentage, that says you how many of your visitors have bought your products or services. You can increase your conversion rate by many ways that are not explained in this article as this was not its goal.


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