Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Backlinks with CommentLuv

Everyone likes to receive comments on their blog, it helps to grow a community and makes you feel special as a blog owner to hear from the people who read your posts. I created the CommentLuv wordpress plugin to help give something back to every single commentator as well as entice them to come back and visit more often by automatically adding a titled link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. It's done fantastically well with tens of thousands of comments every day receiving a little luv.

For those of you who don't already know, CommentLuv is a great little Wordpress/Blogger plugin that will give your readers incentive to keep coming back and to stay active within your website. Basically, CommentLuv creates a backlink to the commentors latest blog post when they leave a comment. Not only are they contributing to your website by adding discussion and feedback, they are also contributing their own website by creating useful backlinks for their website. You can read more about CommentLuv here.

There is a great little trick you can use with Google to seek out any and all websites that have this great plugin installed. Basically you just go to Google and type a few keywords relating to your website and add with quotation marks the phrase "enable CommentLuv." This is because each blog, that has the ComLuv plugin installed, has a check box under the comment field to choose whether or not you want to enable ComLuv on your comment. The checkbox is always followed by the phrase "enable CommentLuv." Essentially, by searching google with this phrase in quotation marks you are going to see only blogs with ComLuv on the results page.

Now that you have a listing of blogs with ComLuv installed, simply go through each result one by one leaving your name, e-mail, URL and comment making sure to always check the CommentLuv box so your latest blog post will be linked in your comment.

You can automate this process, at least slightly, by installing a firefox plugin called Auto Fill Forms which can be found here. After you have installed Auto Fill Forms make sure to click the pencil icon next to your address bar and click "settings." In the settings window add your name under the "(Full) name" field. Other than that all you need to fill out under the "simple" tab is your e-mail address. Now go to the "main" tab. We are going to create a new field to input your web address. Under the Name field put "Website" and for Value put your website address, for Field rule put "(?:prefixw*name)|(?:namew*prefix)(?:website)" without the quotation marks. That's it, you are now set to start finding your related blogs.

The steps for posting a comment remain the same, except now as soon as you load the blog post that you are commenting on, all you have to do is hit the pencil icon to fill in the first 3 fields automatically.


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