Sunday, July 19, 2009

Increase Traffic to your Website Via SEO Link Building

The internet poses a highly competitive market for newcomers, with thousands of websites battling it out for the highest search engine ranking. SEO link building is one of the best ways to give the competition a run for their money, as it is a clever way to signal relevance and importance to major search engines.

What is SEO Link Building?

When one website thinks highly enough of your site to recommend it to their own viewers, they can place a hypertext link on their site (i.e. that will direct traffic your way. As soon as they do this, you are given entrance into a sort of cyber-neighborhood that attracts the attention of search engine crawlers. In essence, links mean that you are no longer floating solo and unnoticed through cyberspace but that you are now connected to others in your own little corner of the cyber world.

SEO Link Building Do’s and Don’ts

In your eagerness to start SEO link building, DO NOT forget that not all links are good links. In fact, if you link to a site that is notorious for being a spammer or a paid link hub, you might even get yourself blacklisted from search engine results. Just like in the real world, on the internet you are who you choose to hang around.

Therefore, it is important that you DO use discretion in choosing the websites with which you associate on the web. Focus your SEO link building efforts on finding high-quality editorial sites that have themselves earned a high search engine ranking.

To this end, DO start your SEO link building strategy off by submitting your website to various well-respected internet directories, such as Yahoo. If these directories are willing to link to you, your search engine ranking will soon find itself floating to the top of the results pile.

Content is King

The best way to get quality sites to link to your website is simple; create a quality website that is rich in relevant and well-written content. The goal is to create a site that other top-ranking sites in your niche would be proud to link to, instead of being ashamed to do so. Make sure that all of your content is well researched and presented in an attractive manner.

You would be wise to sprinkle some SEO keywords into your content, as this is another way to signal relevance to web crawlers and ultimately, to improve your search engine ranking. The more value you can add to your own website, the more willing quality sites will be to associate with you. Once you have won a few quality backlinks to your website, search engine crawlers are likely to recognize that you are associated with a “good neighborhood” in cyber world. This can directly translate into you earning the highest search engine ranking in your niche.


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