Monday, July 27, 2009

10 Tips on Advanced Keyword Analysis

Internet marketing is closely linked to keyword research and the more advanced your keyword analysis, the greater the success rate of your website will be.
To improve your keyword usage and join the major leagues take a look at the following tips.
1 - Compare Numbers
Pick at least 3 sources and compare research numbers on SEO, SEO Services and SEO tools. Great tracking sources to help you find out which SEO section you needs improving are: Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter and Wordtracker. Once you know your weak spots and which keywords bring disappointing results adjust your wording and strategy.
2 – Shift Focus
Know when your products or services are highest in demand and adjust your keywords accordingly. For example, if you are selling sports equipment, use keywords related to the sports played during a particular season, e.g. concentrate on surfing, sailing or cycling keywords in the summer and approach snowboarding or skiing topics during the winter.
If unsure about your keyword selection use a ‘forecast tool’ which can predict demographic distributions of keywords.
3 – Know Competitive Domains
It is vital to get a full understanding of your competition and to know who's ranking highest for the terms you are also targeting. Once you know who your competitors are study their sites and improve your keywords.
4 – Identify trends
The more valuable the information you gather, the better you will be prepared when the Internet is growing or changing direction. With every new revelation – just think of blogging, Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter. Trends do change. This means you need the appropriate tools, such as Facebook Lexicon or Blogscape, to keep you informed. Exploring prospect keywords has real value because:
It identifies patterns or trends and their productivity; It points to content and keywords that previously attracted large amounts of attention (is a perfect starting point for beginners); It can locate web portals and social communities where your topic, product or service is desirable.

5 – Vertical Search Results
‘Vertical Search’ is an odd term used to describe specialized search tools. By using these tools you can narrow your searches down much more effectively and by highest value. These include your locale, product, images, news, blogs and videos.
6 – Understanding your visitors
Be aware of what your website users are looking for and what targeted keywords they type in. Not all recommended keywords bring in the most profitable traffic. Knowing what your visitor wants and adjusting your keywords to these queries can significantly boost your site’s performance.
7 – Run tests
To find out if your keywords are powerful and appropriate for your product or service, organize a test. You can set up a PPC (Pay-per-click) campaign, or you can thoroughly analyze specific data pulled after visitors have used your improved or new site. This can include browse rate, time spent on the site, link usage, conversions, etc.
8 – PPC Advertising Strategy
Pay-per-click advertising campaigns involve keyword management, data analysis and informed action. These research tools can be quite useful, yet it will be up to you to decide if you want to use them to determine important data, such as potential conversion rates, relevance and visitor value.
9 – Top keyword searches
Every business or website owner is eager to determine which related term and keyword searches are being employed. Once these potential new buzzwords or phrases have been identified they can be added to the existing list.
10 – Copyright
To avoid legal complications investigate all the keywords on your list, especially specific trademark terms and phrases. Their unauthorized usage can cause legal problems.
Conclusion: Applying these few simple tips can make a world of difference in the world of web marketing. As many SEO experts will tell you, in-depth Search Engine Optimization and targeted keywords can drastically enhance any website’s traffic, even yours!


Richard said...

Thanks for sharing this tips on keyword analysis, since this is for me the most important part of doing SEO. Thanks again and more power.

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