Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Best Blog Template For Monetization (Making Money With Blogs Online)

Today was a productive day in my research for a Wordpress blog template that is perfect for search engine optimization and blog monetization. For about a month I have been trying to find the perfect template for blog. I did find clean looking blogs and some that claimed to be perfect for optimization, but they just weren't my cup of tea.

As my search continued, I decided maybe I should try and go into the blog HTML within each template section (sidebar.php, header.php, and so forth) and try to customize the blog myself. I'm not going to lie, it took loads of time. I would change code and it not be compatible with the Theme I was using, or change a theme to fit code and it not be compatible.

Another problem I ran into was the widgets and plugins I wanted to use for each blog. Once my HTML code "dumbness" was cured by trial and error. Widget and plugin placement became my next issue to tackle. Luckily my recent run-in with HTML code made the process go a little smoother.

The conclusion is, if you want to optimize a blog for profits, use a template that has a TWO column side bar just like this one (Studio Press). Once you learn how to insert the code and move around desired widgets, it really goes from a science to a simplicity. I knew how to optimize a blog with simple plug-ins and Search Engine Optimization, but now I know how to optimize them for profits...pretty awesome I'd say. The next step is looking for some good affiliate programs.


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