Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to Make Your Landing Page Effective?

When internet users click for an ad of your product or service, the first page they will see is the landing page. It is therefore important to make it your sale pitch to convince them to convert. Actually, there are plenty of tips to make your landing page effective but the most important thing you need is “focus”. Everything on the page focuses on one topic, with one goal will help convince your visitors to convert.

Your landing page needs to grab your visitors’ attention, hold onto that attention while giving them what they want and expect, and persuade them to do what you want them to do: buy the product, sign up for the newsletter, what have you. In marketing, this is sometimes referred to as the three Cs: capture their attention, communicate the value of your offering, and close the deal. In this article I will go over each of these points and what you can do to make sure your landing pages successfully carry them through.

Capture their attention

Format your page for the shorter attention span. Think short paragraphs, bullet points, and highly relevant content. Consider your target audience carefully, starting with the search they did. Are they looking for information about a type of product, the features for a specific product, or what?

Communicate the value

Your landing page is where you tell the visitors what kind of value your product or service offers. As you compose your sale pitch, consider you will encounter three types of visitors; those that will convert no matter what, those that are just window shopping and will not convert, and those that are still thinking about converting. It is that last group to which you are trying to appeal. Keeping that audience in mind might change how you construct the landing page. Make it clear and focused. Keep them from being distracted and they’ll be more likely to convert.

Close the deal

Consumers buy from those they trust. They should have a reason to trust you. The landing page is where you should be pushing your product, not your company so much. Make your call to action, and make it specific. Create a persuasive message directly above the call to action to increase conversions. Indeed, you can create several calls to action, at the top, middle, and bottom of the page. In this way, your visitor can convert whenever they are ready. And you should track these links as well as any links you have if your landing page is part of a multi-stage process, to find out when visitors convert, and where they abandon the process so you can improve it.

Your landing page should keep your visitors focused; one way to do that is to keep them engaged. Give them something to do that is exactly what you want them to do. Make sure they have good reasons to do it, and watch your conversions increase.


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