Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are you spoiling the tag "nofollow" Your Link Building Campaign?

The label "nofollow" was designed not to pass PageRank to other pages with the aim of identifying links payment to discourage spammers from exploiting the Google index. While Matts Cutts, director of the anti-spam team at Google's website says that only a small percentage of links tagged with "nofollow", if the widespread use, fair pay for sinners?

The label "nofollow" was designed by Matts Cutts, director of the anti-spam team at Google's website, and Jason Shellen from Announced in 2005, was quickly adopted by other search engines used by most users, as Yahoo! or MSN. The goal of "nofollow" to prevent the exploitation of the search engines indexes discouraging spammers to go to pages with high traffic or high PR to get backlinks, and identify links to pay.
How does "nofollow" to your link building campaign?

The label "nofollow" alter the flow of PageRank between pages, so we lose the possibility of increasing the PR of our pages to positioning. How well does not transfer text links, we would also hamper the positioning of certain keywords that Google will not take into account in our links.
PageRank explained

Check out Graph showing the flow of PageRank between pages (Source: The PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web)

To better understand how it affects "nofollow" to the flow of PageRank, we can see the example that exposed the original creators of PageRank.

Notes, for example, the page that has 100 points for PR. If this page there are 2 external links, each transferred 50 points. These 50 points go to another page, which has in turn another 2 outgoing links. Each of these 25 points will transfer PR. Thus, the PR will flow from page to page. To avoid the transfer and endless pages far from the original link to obtain the outgoing PR, a factor of decline.

The introduction of "nofollow" means that the tagged links and no longer pass PR to other pages as we have seen in the example above.
Can someone then make a link labeled sites in building links with "nofollow"?

My advice is always to analyze the issue of where you want to get a Backlink. While with "nofollow" will not transfer or PageRank or anchor text to your page, you can create a valuable relationship semantics. Remember that search engines not only look at the links, but also the texts that surround them.

You should also take into account a factor that the label "nofollow" can not stop the traffic. If visitors to the page where you believe that your Backlink offers something of interest to visit your page. If your site also offers quality content, you could get your visitors link to your pages.