Monday, June 15, 2009

SEO Quizs

Welcome to our SEO Quiz!

Practice is testing our SEO knowledge daily but how about a quiz with some easy, some difficult, and some very difficult SEO quiestions? The reward for performing great at the quiz will not be the first place in Google but if you know a lot about SEO and can think creatively, the first place in Google is within your reach.

Please, take your Black Hats before starting the quiz. Your Black Hat will spoil the fun of having organic results at the quiz! Even if you don't get the highest possible score, there is no reason for drama!

Wish you luck and have fun!

SEO Quiz : Question 1 of 10

Question: What is meant by “Google bombing”?

· Submitting the site again and again in order to include it in Google's index.
· Multiple sites linking to the same site, with the same anchor text in order to get high ranking for the keyword in the anchor text.
· Extensively using the word “Google” on your pages in order to get high rankings with Google.


SEO Quiz : Question 2 of 10

Question: You have enough quality inbound links with the keywords in the anchor text but still you do not rank well in Google, even for your site name. What will you do? Check no more than 3 answers.

· Try with variations of the anchor text.
· Add more inbound links.
· See if the targets on your site have not been damaged (i.e. renamed, or deleted, or moved) by mistake.
· Check if you have more outbound than inbound links.
· If inbound links don't help, add more keywords in other places.

SEO Quiz : Question 3 of 10

Question: The main purpose of search engine spiders is to:

· Visit sites.
· Check if sites perform ethical SEO.
· Index sites.

SEO Quiz : Question 4 of 10

Question: Which of the following are criteria for the uniqueness of a page (unique as opposed to duplicate content)? Check all that apply.

· Code similarity.
· Text similarity.
· Page names.
· Titles, headings, page titles and metatags .
SEO Quiz : Question 5 of 10

Question: How do you know how much to pay for a text link from another site to yours?

· There are unified text link prices and they depend on the quantity of links I buy.
· When I get an offer for purchasing text links, I start negotiating and I usually drop the price considerably.
· The price is often different because it depends on the current rating of the site that will backlink to me.
· $0.10 for a text link is a fair price.

SEO Quiz : Question 6 of 10

Question: In terms of Web marketing, what does the abbreviation PPC stand for?

· Points Per Click
· Pay Per Click
· Paid Placement Cost
· Paid Points Calculator

SEO Quiz : Question 7 of 10

For which of the following file types a SEO expert needs to provide an alternative textual description? Check all that apply.

· html.
· swf.
· pdf.
· gif.
· doc.

SEO Quiz : Question 8 of 10
Question: How important are metatags today?

· Not important at all.
· They have only minor importance, but it can be neglected.
· Somehow important.
· Very important, almost as much as keyword density.
· They are the single most important SEO tool.

SEO Quiz : Question 9 of 10

Question: Is the following metatag appropriate for a site that sells books?

· Yes, the following metatag contains all the keywords I need.
· No, it is rather short, I have more keywords to optimize for.
· I would rather swap “publish” and “novel” because “novel” is more important than “publish”.
· Yes, this metatag is OK even though it could have had more keywords.
· Why bother with metatags at all?
SEO Quiz : Question 10 of 10

Question: What is necessary to do for optimizing Flash sites? Check all that apply.

· Put the most important items in a Flash presentation on the home page
· Add descriptive metatada to the Flash presentation.
· Provide alternative pages that describe the contents of the Flash presentation.
· Have a good keyword density in the Flash presentation.