Friday, June 19, 2009

How to Improve Your Website's Ranking in 5 Simple Steps

Search engine optimization is about making your site visible to people who might potentially be looking for your product or service. You can have a well designed website, but if it is not optimized to show up on search engine results, it won’t really matter. SEO makes it so that the content on your site is constructed in such a way that search engines can easily discern what is relevant on it and thus index it properly and make it show up on relevant searches. Here are five steps that use basic SEO techniques that will help you get started.

1. Write articles on other websites
Publishing articles and blog posts on different sites will drive quality traffic via links your way. Also, establishing correlations between your site and relevant outside pages will make it easier for search engines to classify your content.

2. Write for the readers not the engines
If you insert too many keywords into an article with the intention of having them show up more on search engines, the only result will be a confusing and awkward sounding article that will immediately drive readers away. These kind of awkwardly -put-together articles turn people off fast. Use keywords only in places where it feels natural to use them.

3. Headlines
Tag your headlines and sub-headlines with the “header” tag. Optimize them by including the main keywords in the title. This will increase your search engine ranking, as headlines are important when it comes to search engine robots looking for relevant content.

4. Use the main keyword in your first paragraph
Search engines look primarily at the first paragraph when conducting a search, so it’s a very good idea to include the main keyword in the first paragraph of an article or content page.

5. Include internal links
Embed internal links into the content of your website’s article and pages. These links should take readers to related pages, so that they can learn more about a particular topic if they want to. Also, linked keywords show up more in searches and help increase your ranking.

Good SEO caters to people, and uses search engines as a tool for reaching relevant traffic. Remember to use keywords naturally and where appropriate.


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