Thursday, June 25, 2009

Types Of Blog Postings

Blogging is becoming one of the most popular online activities. To some extent, the versatility and variety in the blog postings done online, contribute to the popularity of the blogs. The present types of blog postings are not even imaginable a few years before blogging actually started. This has led the online population to adopt blogging as their favorite past time.

The Popular Types of Blog Postings: -

There are various types of blogging and the blog postings, which vary with the purpose of creating the blog. The following are some of the popular types of blog postings –

News related posts
These posts are based on the latest news. The blogger, posting news related posts, do not just focus on giving the breaking news, rather, he analyzes and presents it in his own perceptive.

Informative posts
Informative posts are created to provide information on a certain topic. These are most common type of blog posts and many a times serve as valuable resources of information. Generally, professionals or amateurs of the respective subject write them.

Review-based posts
Reviews on a product or service of a company are called review-based posts. These days, reviews have become very popular in terms of monetizing the blog. Many companies pay for positive reviews on their product or service.

Debate posts
A blog post, which features some discussion on a certain topic, does very well in the blogging world. The debate can be between two bloggers or between a blogger and commenter. It is essential to balance the post at the end of the debate.

Personalized posts
Posts, which feature the personal details of the blogger, are called personalized posts. They are also called online diaries. The posts can be on family details, likes-dislikes, daily life, etc of the blogger. Though it is unlikely for these posts to be successful, personalized posts of the celebrities are very popular among their fans.

Video posts
Bloggers, who have a very interesting or funny video to share with others, post it in their blog. Besides posting the video, they also provide additional information on the video like their review, significance of the video, comments, etc.

Each type of blog post has its own significance. The above information helps you to understand different types of blogs posts and helps to understand when to use which.