Monday, June 1, 2009

Earn your Site a Better Ranking

Which developer or web site owner does not want his site among the top ranked ones? It is a reward for your untiring efforts in making and maintaining the site. Of course the top sites get most of the clicks. The top search Engines (Google, yahoo and Microsoft) have not disclosed many factors that their algorithms consider. Yet there are some open secrets to get a better ranking. I share some with you.

Use the right keyword Speak the language your client would speak; use the right key word. Key word research is the most important. For that, you can conduct surveys among the masses or alternatively, you can simply use SEO tools such as key word generator. Content Forget the ranking if you can not provide the user with content.

A page should have a minimum of 200 word content. The best and most optimized word count ranges from 300 to 350 words. Target the download time Remember your target is to cater the majority. The majority of the internet users do not have high speed connections. Try to minimize the download time for your page. You can achieve this by creating different pages for different pages connected by links. By this you will get another bonus: the Search Engines also count links that a site offers. Meaningful nomenclature Make it a point to name all of the images on your page. Also these names should be meaningful.

The links in your site should be named according to what they offer. Do not use numbering or ambiguous names for pictures or links. If these things are taken care of then it is not a hard task to improve the ranking of a site. Putting it in very simple words, it can be achieved with consistence research, effort and maintenance.