Thursday, August 6, 2009

Search Engine Optimization - Getting Acquainted With SEO Terms (Part I)

Most of you would have been familiarized with the term Search Engine Optimization and what it is used for. For my regular readers, you would have learned about the term, the definition and the techniques involved. However, SEO encompasses a huge vocabulary and for that matter, I have decided to start a 2-part article series on it.


Whenever we mentioned a search engine's algorithm, it often means a complex formula employed in the process of ranking websites and even blogs based on its relevance and importance to a specific keyword or keyword phrase. Google's algorithm is such that it ensures Internet users getting the most relevant and quality information for their searches and in turn, rake in more revenue for them. Keeping in touch with Google's algorithm can be a complicated affair since it is constantly changing from time to time.

Article Submission Sites

Authors often use these sites to submit and publish their articles which is often regarded as an effective way of generating free traffic since many search engines and webmasters will visit such sites to reuse such articles for free with the condition that the author resource box including the links are to be kept intact.


A link from a website which is related in niche to your own.

Copy writer

A professional writer who offers writing services for quality and keyword-optimized articles for your website or even blogs. Copy writers often offer their services at varying rates depending on the quality and experience in the field.


Search engines such as Google will use 'spiders' and 'robots' in search for websites and blogs to index. These robots or spiders will follow text links from one site to another and from page to page. Text links, for that matter is often regarded as the gateway for spiders to these sites and pages.

Domain Names

It refers to the address of your website. It usually comes in the form of
which will allow users of the Internet to access your website with.


Ezines are none other than electronic magazines. They are often after original and quality content. Although you publish your articles for free and required to adhere to strict editorial guidelines such as no product or service promotion in the body and no affiliate links, you are still able to include a link to your own website. The most popular ezine is undoubtedly