Monday, August 10, 2009

The importance of blog commenting, For A Newbie

As part of “Marketing With You” course run by Alex Jeffery’s all the students myself included have been encouraged to start a blog. Having got the blog up and running we are now finding different ways of attracting traffic to that blog because obviously without traffic then nobody will read the blog.

The importance of blog commenting, For A Newbie is part of this exercise to drive traffic to our blogs. We have been encouraged to read and leave comments on other people's blogs, to start with the people who are students also of Alex's Internet marketing course.

The other afternoon while I was going through the list of students blogs and reading some of them I got to thinking, I wondered if there was a piece of software out there that would enable people to keep up with comments or posts written on different blogs without actually logging onto each blog in turn. I reasoned that if we could do this then it would save us an awful lot of time, I'm sure the other people on this course would agree with me it takes an awful long time to get to everybody's blog and read the comments.

So in answer to this question I started to have a look over the Internet and see if I could find something that would help, I came across a piece of software that is called ' Tristana reader '. This is a piece of software that you can download for free off the Internet. It opens in a window with a column down the left-hand side in which you can add different folders, in each of these folders you can insert the name and URL of each blog you want to search. The program is linked to the RSS feed of each blog and hence every time the person puts a post on the blog it updates. Thus all we have to do to read different posts on different blogs is to click on each name or address in the left-hand column and in a window on the right hand side that blog appears so you scroll down to the newest post and away you go.

This RSS reader below will obviously only work with blogs that have RSS feeds to them but I think you'll find that the majority of blogs do have this feature. I have found this software a great help in reducing time spent logging on and off different peoples blogs, okay it won't read and write the comment you wish to put but it does save quite a lot of time all the same. (Little Joke There – Sorry) :-)

Besides the RSS reader I've mentioned above, there is another one that sits on Web browser and you can set this up quite easily it's also a free download from the Internet. I think it's personal choice which of these two you use. The main difference that I could see when looking at these two pieces of software was the fact that the one that sits on the web browser you can actually put little flag that tells you whether the comment on the post has been read so you can tell at a glance whether it's a new post or whether it's an old one. If you put either of these two names in Google it will come up with the name of the software and the you site you are looking for, to get the free download.

The names of the programmes are “Wizz Rss and Tristana Reader” So if you choose to use either of these two pieces of software I hope you find it as useful as I have.