Sunday, August 2, 2009

Building Backlinks With Social Bookmarking

The Internet is one of the most highly competitive marketplaces in history. With over 15 BILLION different websites on the Internet, there are sometimes tens of thousands of businesses searching for one of the few top-ranking spots on the most popular search engines. Once you have achieved one of the top spots, you will have to continually fight to maintain that spot, as more and more competition will start mirroring your website to help them get a foothold in the search engine rankings.

The best way to help your website climb in the rankings is by implementing as many strategies as you can concurrently to keep your site at the top of the top!

One method available that should be implemented wherever possible is social bookmarking.

To get an idea of what social bookmarking is, let's consider a few different things.

- What is a bookmark?

- Why use a bookmark?

- Why make them social?

- How can social bookmarks help build backlinks to your website?

What is a bookmark?

A bookmark in a book reminds you that you wanted to go back to that particular place. It basically holds your place, so you can get there easily when you are ready.

A bookmark in the computer does essentially the same thing. It holds your place.

Why use a bookmark?

On the Internet, with billions of websites that you maneuver through to get to that one site that has particularly useful information, you will want a way to get back there quickly, so you save the address as a favorite or "bookmark it" for easy future reference.

Why make them social bookmarks?

The bookmark option that comes on your computer, which is also often called "favorites," can become rather messy and hard to work through. An active Internet user needs a solid way of organizing them, which is precisely what social bookmark sites do!

Also, if they are social, then you can benefit by looking at the bookmarks of like-minded people and get access to sites that they have discovered that are particularly useful to them. If you are interested in collectible spoons, then don't you think it would be beneficial to discover what interesting places other spoon collectors have found?

How can social bookmarks help build backlinks to your website?

Everyone who bookmarks your particular website has created a link back to your site, which advances your ranking score on search engines. If you have especially useful content on your website and it gets bookmarked by your targeted audience, other likeminded people will look at their bookmarks and save them for themselves as well. This goes on and on and on! The backlinks increase exponentially.

To encourage others to link to you, book mark your own site and tag it with especially targeted keywords. As others use a social bookmarking site to search for sites that are good enough to bookmark, the entering of your keywords will lead them to your site.

There is much more to this concept, but hopefully, I have got you excited enough about this concept that you will plant the knowledge in your brain and let it grow!