Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Link building: Where consistency matters

Link building efforts are tended to make a website appear in the organic listing. Links are definitely the important aspect of ranking, but there are many other factors in Link Building to take into consideration as well. Among all, the key factor is consistency! Suppose, if you are building 50 quality inbound links a day, and you are keeping up with that rate for more than a year or so, it‘s fine- you should carry on. But, if you take a break for a month or two in between, it can be a big blunder.

Why Consistency is Good?

Now let me explain this in detail. Google, Yahoo! and other search engines use inbound links to determine the quality of a website, which ultimately affect the ranking of website in organic search results. For example, you have a web-designing website. Perhaps you have put some links over thematic and quality site on the top of the page, and manage to get a top ranking in SERP. But what after few days when those links will get camflouged by other links in that page and visitors are not able to find them? When that happens, search engines give weight-age to other quality websites and you will see steady decline in ranking .Then you will have to fight again for higher ranking!

How can you avoid this BIG mistake? Its’ easy. If you bother about building links only once or twice a month, then you are dead wrong. If you are thinking to make a lasting impact on your websites search engine ranking, all link building campaigns need to be stable and consistent.

Consistent Link Building and SEO Success

Fortunately or unfortunately, all SEO efforts need to be performed consistently, as frequent changes in links and/or content attracts search engines toward the website easily. The main reason behind this is search engine algorithms which encourage you to appear natural. If you are not building links consistently, search engines would be the first to judge your incredibility, as they consider it a ‘non-organic’ link building activity. The underline theory is that, if you want to show up Link Building “organic”, you should concentrate on building links with consistent speed rather than building too many links too fast.

If you are clear on your SEO goal, start Link Building with as much consistency as you can. It can please the spider and help you to build links with ease.