Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting The Best Out Of Contextual Link Building

Contextual link building is often touted as one of the best and most effective forms of SEO. However, you won’t get those benefits unless you use the technique properly. Many Internet marketers tend to make incomplete use of contextual link building, and so waste both money and hosting space. Here’s how to maximize what you’re getting out of your contextual link building campaign.

Look for Popular Blogs

Given the way that Google calculates your page’s ranking, the benefits that you’ll get from contextual link building will be directly proportional to the rankings of the blogs that carry your articles. The more popular the blogs, the greater your rise up the rankings ladder will be.

Quality-conscious contextual link building service providers have minimum standards – typically between PR10 and PR3 – for blogs that will host your links’ articles. That way, you’re assured of at least so much improvement with regard to your site’s rankings.

Don’t Stick to Just One

While finding one good blog or article site is good, it’s far from sufficient if you want real and significant results. You’ll need at least a short list of blogs – yes, that’s plural – if you want your site to move up any noticeable amount. Limiting yourself to just one will require you to wait a very long time before you see anything happening.

This is something that good contextual link building service providers know and try to address. A good provider would have at least a few blogs available for any niche, or a contingency plan in case it doesn’t have a certain niche covered. Some are affiliated with entire networks of blogs so that your links make it to as many places as possible quickly.

Keep It Interesting

Even if your link building service provider posts new articles everyday, it’s not going to work if all that content just talks about the same things. There’s nothing to motivate your readers to keep coming back to your site, and that minimizes the effectiveness of your link building efforts.

Variety is the key here. Your provider has to make every post look unique and fresh so that readers have a reason to visit again and again. After all, if there’s something new to read everyday, then readers will be more likely to make return visits. And remember: the more people visit the sites that have your links, the likelier they’ll be to click those links.

Find a Good Provider

In order to be able to do the job properly, your contextual link building service provider must have all the groundwork already laid out. For example, the blogs must already have been contacted and set up for your links. Content must be prepared early on to ensure quality and variety.

Even if they tend to be slightly more expensive than no-name providers, established and brand name providers are worth getting for contextual link building. Just remember that you’ll be incurring an extra expense because you’re paying for their contacts and their resources. After all, in the world of contextual link building, it’s the most popular and visible one that literally comes out on top.


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Anonymous said...

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