Monday, May 25, 2009

3 Search Engine Optimization Rules That You Should Follow

Search engine optimization is the single number one way to get high traffic to a website. Sites which rank in the top of search engine returns for popular search engines get many times the amount of traffic as sites which rank farther down.

So whether you just have a website you want to get traffic to or you have a product site you are looking to increase traffic to, there are some simple search engine optimization rules to follow which will help you make the most out of those keyword searches that millions of people run every day.

Follow the Search Engine Optimization Rules of the key Search Engines – If you do not know what the guidelines are about correct search engine techniques, you need to find out.

If you break the rules, you might think you are outwitting the search engines in the short term, but your websites are guaranteed to suffer from no indexing or being dropped if you try to take short-cuts, especially if you believe the promotional sales letters put up by some self-proclaimed Gurus.

You need to learn the Search Engine Optimization Rules to develop the best SEO techniques, such as using relevant returns and appropriate keywords since they can become indexed. You will notice sites such as Wikipedia ranking near or at the top of almost all relevant search engine returns.

This is because they have been indexed as having accurate and relevant content. The search engine wants the user to have the best experience possible, so these sites are almost always at the top.

Creating a Site Map is very important to all the top search engines, and then you need to notify them of the url where they can find your site map.

Creating a Blog on your site, that pings the search engine whenever your site is updated with new content or specific blog posts, is essential in today’s www environment.

Make sure you are fully utilizing the free website services of network sites like Squidoo, Geocities, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Stumbleupon and similar. They provide good high Page Rank linking to your site, and a flow of interested readers who click through to your site as well.

There are many, many online sources where you can learn for free how to use these to optimize your website. You can also use YouTube and similar video sites to promote your site. You can use your free Windows Movie Maker software already on your computer! Just add some graphics and you can record a message or just load some jazzy music as a soundtrack. It really can be fast and fun to create witty or dramatic videos, and they may become ‘viral marketing’ tools for you as well.

You can also create free eBooks and reports that your visitors can download from your site to make it more ‘sticky’ for visitors, as search engines also pay attention to how long your visitor stays on your website when they create rankings. If you load the free book also to the search engines index the book, and the tags you loaded there. Sometimes Scribd will index your new book within 30 minutes of you loading it!

Remember Every Page – Every single page counts when considering the search engine optimization rules. While the home page may be the one you focus on, it is important that all relevant pages take advantage of search engine optimization rules so that people have an even greater chance of coming across your content.

Make sure you fill your tags and titles on each page with relevant search engine keywords.

Check every page to make sure you don’t have any broken internal or external website links, or broken graphic links as search engines loathe this problem.

If you are not an expert in preparing html code, you need to buy software like Dreamweaver to be able to follow the search engine optimization rules, as they react badly when your code breaks them.

Keep It Natural – One of the most important things to remember is to keep your content natural. Basic search engines optimization rules require you to fill your content with keywords in order to rank high.

But if that content comes off as spam or is impossible to read because it focuses only on keyword percentage, the site may be indexed as spam with search engines, ruining your ranking. You want to have a site that appears to have been written for an intended purpose other than simply ranking high. Relevance is key, but natural flow is what keeps people coming back.

If you follow some of these simple search engine optimization rules, you will find your rank quickly rising in search engine returns. If you follow some of these simple search engine optimization rules, you will find your rank quickly rising in search engine returns. You can also watch your progress in SEO by keeping an eye on your Rankings as that is updated daily, and gives you plenty of warning if your sites are slipping in their performance and rankings.

They have numerous bots working for them, crawling the web and determining how content should rank. If you follow these search engine optimization rules, you will surely have a site which returns at a high rank with relevant content.

To ensure your site is following all the search engine optimization rules, and you are a ‘newbie’ to website building, it may be best for you to hire the services of a SEO consultant so that you can learn from an expert.


Scott Million said...

Thanks for the heads up. Search Engine Optimization is not a simple process. It involves a lot of time and effort on your end to get it done. But if you get it done perfectly on the first try, then it is quite possible that you will be wallowing in success in any venture that you turn your site into.

Anonymous said...


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