Saturday, May 9, 2009

Important Tools You Must To Know For Creating Traffic To Your Website

For the internet entrepreneur that's on budget, there are always tools to create traffic to your website which are practically free. The only thing you will need to spend here is a bit of effort and time. You'll also be surprised at how easy it is to create a website that attracts targeted consumers. All you need to do is know the basics of organic search engine optimization.

Step one: keyword research

The first thing you need to do is to research about keyword popularity. Now, you can either choose a popular keyword that everyone's competing for, or choose a seldom-used keyword that can surely get you ranked highly on search engines. It really all depends on your marketing strategy, and you must have one if you're running a business online.

Either way, you should then include your chosen keyword to the text on your web pages. Remember, search engine crawlers recognize words which are either attached to your url address or included in your website articles. When you include these keywords, make sure that they fit into the content of your articles like a glove. Also, don't make the mistake of over-optimizing your website. When you overdo the keyword inclusions, you run the risk of being banned from popular search engines.

Step two: simple domain name and layout

Your domain name and your website layout are just as important in getting your site ranked higher in search engine listings. The secret here is to keep everything basic and simple. Make sure that you stay away from too many flash animations, frames, and photos. Make your website text-rich and useful. Also, keep to short, simple domain names. Ideally, your domain name should also contain the most popular keywords in your list. A catchy and precise domain name can be your ticket to free, instant, and long lasting search engine ranking.