Monday, May 25, 2009

Geo Targeting: A New Criteria for SEO

Today Google supports Geo-targeting, which targets user in a particular location, it also provides us with Geographic target tool, which will help in determining how a website appears in country specific search results.

One needs to think carefully about Geo-targeting program to satisfy as many factors as possible. Geo-targeting will become very important for future SEO, it will provide more Relevant search results depending on the location as well as language.

That is, it is important to have servers located in the area where your website belongs to, so that, it appears in the country specific search results.

There are some points to keep in mind as far as Geo targeting SEO concerns-

Ø There is an Australian web site and the client is other Australian then it is better to buy a Domain name by spending few dollars.

Ø As Web Hosting concerns, also here spend some extra dollars so that the website get hosted in the country that you are targeting.

Ø Use the type of wordings which your clients get understand and are familiar with. It is must to check spellings too.

As we know, that the ranking of a web site will differ in SERPS of different countries. Any one will want his/her site to be ranked first in SERPS of the country where his/her business gets targeted.

For a website to be ranked first, we require some Geo Targeting SEO strategies, like as I mentioned in above points that, The Domain Name should be used according to the country, i.e. if you target customer from Australia then domain name should be .au.

Then comes to Hosting, it is important that the web site should get hosted in a country where you are targeting. Otherwise, if your site is getting hosted by Australian company and its Servers are located somewhere in U.K. then your site will not rank well in SERPS of Australia.

Your business address should be placed in the footer of the Site so that Google will easily determine the location of the web site.

Another comes the inbound links, the more your site is getting links from UK web site, the higher your web pages will rank in Google UK, Same with the traffic, if the visitors visiting your Web site are more from UK via Google then it will rank higher on SERPS of UK.

It is very important while doing geo targeting SEO to check whether you are implementing essential factors or not because for good incrementation of SEO, we have to build websites which are rich in contents showing some brand so that more visitors or we can say targeted visitors will visits to site via Google which will help in increasing traffic to your Website that will surely increase your ROI.

How does Geo Targeting Works?

If someone who is mapped to a different location through a corporate Internet service provider, or long-distance Internet service provider, their location may not be accurately represented. More than this if the searcher is accessing the Internet from a private IP address, ad Center is unable to target to an unknown location.

Cases where geo-targeting may not be accurate:

* When the user is accessing the Internet through a private network. In that case, the customer will see non geo-targeted ads because ad Center cannot target to an unknown address.

* When the user is accessing the Internet from a different location. For example, often corporations map all of their IP addresses to a single location which does not necessarily encompass the location of all of the searchers on their network.