Thursday, May 6, 2010

Choosing a Reliable Web Hosting Company in Pakistan

Okay you have created or want to create a website for your company, for adsense to make money or just a hobby blog or site. Now its time to find some reputable web hosting company in Pakistan that would host it. Why Pakistan? There are many reasons to choose a Pakistani web hosting company like low cost, payment issues (most Pakistanis do not have or do not want to pay through credit cards), readily available phone support. So you get better services at better prices you just need to choose wisely. Here are some factors that you need consider:

Your Requirements:

First of all you need to you need to decide what is the specific requirement that your web hosting company should support in order to host your website? For example: web space required (normally you just right-click on your website’s folder and see in “Properties” how much MB it is using) a word of advice here: never go for unlimited as in web hosting there is unlimited and usually the web hosting companies that provide unlimited hosting oversell their hosting and you are bound to see downtime, if your site is created using some dynamic server site technology like APS.NET then you would need a Windows based hosting with ASP.NET support similarly if your site is PHP based you need to get a Linux based hosting with PHP support, or if you need a CMS or blog you should check to see in the web hosts plans to see if has these application installation programs available. There could be other requirements and if it is not clear if the hosting company meets these requirements contact their support, email or call them.

Support (the most important factor):

Okay you have found the host that meets your requirements. Now you need see which level of support do they provide. Do they help you in setting up your website on the remote server, help you setup the databases, do they provide 24/7 support, how quickly they respond to your mails / calls to resolve the problems. Now to check all this without making the payment is to ask the hosting company to provide you a demo account for at least 15 days during which you can deploy your entire website on the server, check their support and server uptime and all the related matters. Now after 15 days if your are comfortable with the hosting company you can choose to either go through with their hosting or search some other hosting company that meet your requirements.

Pricing and Mode of Payment:

If you are satisfied with the demo provided then price shouldn’t be an issue as most of companies packages are almost same. But you need to check whether the hosting company supports your payment method. E.g. bank deposit, credit card, easy paisa etc. Contact the company’s support if it is not clear from their website about the payment methods.

My Personal Favourite?

I would not recommend any hosting company you should just search on Google for search terms like "web hosting Pakistan" or "reliable web hosting company in Pakistan" and you should see a list of reputable web hosting companies. But some of my friends recommend HosterPK, and are very satisfied with their support and services.
Well decide a web hosting company that meets your requirements like this. And be sure to require a demo before making the purchase.


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