Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top 3 SEO Blunders to Avoid

With hundreds of websites launched on a circadian basis, we all apperceive that an awfully advised website would not assure you online stardom. True enough, accepting your website up and active is just bisected of the equation, the absolute plan begins for your SEO/Online Marketing specialist as anon as your website goes live.

Most humans accept SEO/Online Marketing is something they can administrator themselves. And why not? With the amount of assets readily accessible online and accoutrement to advice you, it seems like an simple feat. Wrong. This another may cut down your costs but amateur access in SEO/Online Marketing can acquire added accident that you bargained for.

Below are some of the accepted blunders abecedarian and amateur SEO/Online Marketing tend to overlook. Knowing the pitfalls and what should be abhorred can advice you plan appear your online presence.

Keyword Choice

In the online apple SEO/Online Marketing is equals to acceptable keyword choice. This is not a balloon and absurdity activity, as amiss best of keywords to optimize can prove to be just a decay of time.

Flash and Rich Media Content

Sure, beam media decidedly helps in giving that wow factor. But at what cost? It can austere affect the searchability of your website, and seek engines to basis it. While there accept been contempo developments that accomplish beam based websites to be added seek engine-friendly, one won't absolutely go amiss with text-based content.

Site Architecture

The botheration with some web architecture aggregation is the actuality that they advance websites with not abundant anticipation and application on SEO/Online Marketing. Without the able anatomy and a website map for your website, you don't angle a adventitious at accepting top rankings in above seek engines.


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