Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seo Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a way of writing articles or blogs so that they are search engine optimized. What this means is that the articles are written with keyword rich text so that the search engines can locate them and rank them on their search results.

In order to do SEO copywriting, you must be able to write an article or blog that is rich in the keywords your client needs, but is also fun and simple to read so that it will keep readers reading and not make them hit the back button. It is a way of writing articles that are both useful to the person searching for information on a product or service and useful to the person selling the product or service. You need your readers to stay on the page and become enthused about what they are reading. You need them to need the product or service without coming off as a sales pitch. You need to excite them, encourage them, and reel them in.

So, why is page rank so valuable? Most people won't search through hundreds of thousands of results to find the page they need. They will go with the two that is ranked on the first or second page most of the time, most of the time they will go with only the first few results. It is for this reason that people need their page to be that top page or two of the top pages that comes up in a search results page. You need to bring customers to your page to read about your product or service in the hopes they will become a customer. Not everyone that sees your page is going to buy from you; in fact; most won't. Knowing this, you are going to need to bring as plenty of people as possible to your page so that you can reel in more consumers.

This is why SEO articles and SEO copywriting is so important to web promotion. These articles with their keyword rich text permit the search engines to grab unto them and rank them. Simultaneously, however, your articles and your page still need to have valuable worthwhile information or customers won't stay, they will leave. People are not going to read a page long sales pitch, they need information. You will need to have articles that while promoting your product or service and being informative are also creative and interesting. You will also need somebody who can write in perfect or near perfect English so that your potential customers do not become frustrated trying to figure out what the article is saying to them.

If you are trying to draw more people to your web-site or web store, SEO copywriting can be the right solution for you. It will help you build your customer base and your brand awareness. It will help you locate and draw in a whole new pool of potential customers. If this sounds like nice news to you, then SEO copywriting is for you.