Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seo According To Google

Here are 10 SEO tips that I've extracted from an article written by a former Google executive who was responsible for the Google's Webmaster Central, which provides analytical tools for site owners to understand the behavior of users. It is simpler than you thought. Here is SEO according to Google:

Tip #1:

Link your website to authority and quality resources. Become an authority and quality resource of information yourself.

Tip #2:

Links are important. But Creating a website that people will want to link to, is more important. For an interesting and credible website that frequently updated with a fresh content, or that offers essential services, it is easier to get clicks from the search engine.

Tip #3:

Broken links, duplicate titles and poor implementation cause users, as well as Google to flee.

Tip #4:

Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools in order to know the site better, and to track it on a daily basis. Every minute you spend studying this sites, will justify itself.

Tip #5:

It is very easy to learn HTML. Do it - it will be good for you.

Tip #6:

Know your keywords. Use Google Keyword Tool.

Tip #7:

Adding many links will help you get good ratings for competitive words. Frequently updated content will help you get Long Tail traffic from a complex and less competitive key phrase. Invest your time and effort in the second option.

Tip #8:

Each page of the website should have a unique title (Title tag).

Tip #9:

Combine your keywords naturally inside your content. In the headlines, in links text and in photos caption. Don't waste your time on Keyword Meta tag - Google ignores it.

Tip #10:

Take fifteen minutes to read Google Webmaster Guidelines, before you do anything else!

This is it! Simple, isn't it?

Please stop chasing waterfalls, and use these white hat tips in order to optimize you website.

Good luck building your home business!


Sanjay Joshi said...

Thanks for sharing this SEO knowledge with us. According to Google, It is the method for optimizing the website in first page of search engines. Keep it up.