Monday, February 8, 2010

Seo The New Ranking Factors On Google

Since Google launched it's new caffeine we could beam apparent variations in all the SERP pages, but no one could amount out why so abounding changes, why our able-bodied ranked websites was pushed abroad of 40, 50 positions aback in a while. Every SEO fabricated he's own theories and his own considerations and I'm aggravating to put together all that i apprehend about and, in particular, what could be absolutely interesting.

If we accede the old factors like TITLE, DESCRIPTION etc... we can acquaint that annihilation is changes, what could anytime change on that? Absolutely nothing! The bulge of the keyword should be the old acceptable agency but i noticed a absolutely aberrant behavior. I can see top baronial websites authoritative the aberration of BRANDING. For branding is advised if the TITLE of the pages starts with the name of the Company or Author. How could a website authoritative branding rank 1st on awful aggressive keywords? It's absolutely aberrant and DIFFERENT by the old Google.

The a lot of absorbing change i could apprehension is the astronomic accent that Google gives to keywords in area names. It's consistently been so but now it's absolutely added evident. All the 1st baronial pages for anniversary key are bedeviled by domains absolute the keyword. You can try it analytic "search engine", with the unbeatable you can acquisition a account of domains absolute the abounding keyword inside.

If your area name doesn't accommodate the keyword you charge it could be a acceptable abstraction to alpha up a 3d akin area like keyword.your

Other baronial factor, like ever, is hotlink acceptance but it seems that now the back links MUST be from websites with the aforementioned LANGUAGE of the ambition site. I had a lot of links from US sites and i ranked able-bodied for the aubergine keyword endure year. Now it seems that all the US links has been abandoned and i collapsed from position 7 to added than 160, it's a mess.

Strangely, all the SEO activities that could be advised acceptable for Google endure year, are now accomplished for Bing and beast area you can rank 1st after alive WHY?

Ranking factors are afflicted and in a arid way. I achievement that it will not alpha the area names run again.